Tuesday, March 31

AMMO’s April items go from A-Z and include a 1945 Tee…

Ammo from Mig Jimenez has us covered – quite literally this month with the shirt off their backs, new colours from both sides of the Ukraine conflict and some new German paints. A great new first edition of an aircraft modelling encyclopaedia and an all new Weathering magazine focusing on Germany in 1945. Also a fresh new T-shirt as well – let’s see what’s popping…

Monday, March 30

Hong Kong Models 1/32 Mosquito B Mk.IV Series II - Build Review Pt I

In mid-February TMN was fortunate enough to receive a parcel in the mail from our good friends at HK Models. We eagerly opened the plain cardboard box and within found the assorted sprues for the latest test shot of HK’s upcoming 1/32 Mosquito. Adam looked at me and said “So do you want to build it ?”

Friday, March 27

Forked by Germany and carried by Ukraine – Takom’s new modern warfare crackers.

If you like big bulky trucks from the Ukrainian conflict and A serious Fork’in from the Germans then these two new kits from Takom in 35th scale might move you – We have some info on them in our preview..

The 1/48th scale UH-IY from Kittyhawk has a touching story attached to it...

Kittyhawk is closer to their release of the popular UH-1Y in 1/48th scale - The box art is impressive and it carries a lovely story of the crew who passed whilst flying in this bird. Let's have a look at the colours included in the box and the story of the Marines who served in her.

Bronco's New kit News – Red Devils, CROWS & a couple of wacky Germans...

We have some new add-ons to some diorama ideas you were thinking about – a “luft 46” concept, some “CROWS” to sit on the top of your Humvee, a German popgun as big as the trailer it sits on and a bunch of Paras who all seem to turn up at once. See what we are rambling on about in our preview…

Thursday, March 26

We shine a light on Meng’s new all made up Dozer bladed MBT in our preview

What kind of badness does the Russian T-90 need to make it look even more lethal? “Ohh let’s add a Dozer blade and a lighting rig to the kit” – said Meng…

AK Interactive is shining very bright this month - New Mag, New Metal and New F.A.Q...

AK Interactive has some special things on offer this month. Daniel Zamarbide's new FAQ for Aircraft and the new edition of Aces high which focuses on the Mediterranean with it's builds - just as exciting is the all-new set of metal paints which look like they will give your favorite BMF aircraft a great finish -  Let’s take a look…

Wednesday, March 25

Takom’s big gun build…Clayton gets plenty of bang from his buck with his new SKODA

Clayton wanted to depict this big gun in it’s last use in WWII in the end game in 1945 - so what better way to show the Skoda 30.5cm M1916 Siege Howitzer from Takom in 35th scale than to build it to reflect the gun's capture by the allies? Clayton includes pictures to show you just how this big gun met its end ...

Tuesday, March 24

Triple build review: Verlinden 1/35th scale transformer station, utility & street light poles

Recently Verlinden have released a nice looking bunch of lighting, power and transformer station poles to deck out your modern warfare dio. We thought these would be right handy for a lot of modellers so why not build them up ourselves to look at them?

Preview: 51 Studio’s new 1/16th SS Soldier and Otto Carius bust.

We take a look to see if new figure maker 51 Studio’s 1/16th figure of an SS Infantryman and a bust of Otto Carius is a good representation or not…

Monday, March 23

Build Review - KA Models 1/48 Bf-109G-10

Gary Wickham has been hard at it making the latest kit from KA Models shine – instead of just doing a box review of both the Bf-109 G-6 & G-10 kits. He though what better than to make and paint one of them up to see what they are REALLY like? Let’s have a look at his two in-one review.

Saturday, March 21

Takom brings out one of the biggest of the big guns in 35th scale - the Skoda 42cm M.1917 Heavy Siege Howitzer

 Set for release in late April this new 1/35th scale Skoda 42cm M.1917 Heavy Siege Howitzer that includes a figure of Erich von Manstein during the Siege of Sevastopol 1942. We have some info on this massive shooter in our preview..

Friday, March 20

All new and re-scaled latest March items from Verlinden

Verlinden's newest items for March are all pretty good items to include in your arsenal or maybe- just maybe - into the scene you are building right now? Let's take a look at them in our preview...

Thursday, March 19

Review: Valiant Wings opens our eyes to the Owl in their latest Airframe Album book...

The latest Airframe Album has landed on our desk - we had some spare time so we gave it a read and thought we would like you to know what's inside as well - What better way than a good ol' fashioned review? Let's see what Valiant Wing's new book on the Fw-189 "Uhu" has in store for us..

Wednesday, March 18

Freedom’s new fighter is the F-20?

Due for release in June or July this year – Freedom Models new 48th scale aircraft kit is the rather rare and “forever the bridesmaid” F-20A Tigershark. Let’s have a look at the initial release CAD shots they have sent us in today’s preview…..

Monday, March 16

Silverwings latest news as they release this little Fokker onto the market..

It seems there is a lot going on at Silverwings HQ – They have several aircraft coming – like the Polish PZL P.11 and maybe some Russian and Italian aircraft as well – but right now we centre on the preview of the just available 32nd scale Fokker D.XXI fighter

Sunday, March 15

Flyhawk’s SMS deluxe kit of the 1/700th scale Lutzow built up and painted..

Paul has been hard at it with his seaman skills recently as he got FlyHawk model’s new kit of the Lutzow ship shape and tip top – let’s see what he thought about this intricate but neat looking new kit…

Saturday, March 14

Review: U-boat Im focus Issue 11 New pictures and stories for “U-boot Imthusiasts” in our review…

 We got a sneak peek at one of the boats in this book with their recent U-Boat Decals in many scales – now with the new  issue 11 of “U-boat Im Focus” we look at much more in the world of new images and cutting edge research of what went on below (and above) 70 years ago…

Wednesday, March 11

Hasegawa’s new items for May 2015 are already here to show you…

Hasegawa’s new items for May have the usual – re-issues, a new decal limited edition, a value combo pack here and there and some very unusual modes thrown in to the mix - see what May will have in store for your LHS in our preview…

Tuesday, March 10

Construction Review: MasterBox 35157 “The South of Europe, 1944 – US and German Paratroopers”

MasterBox  is in the art of cleaning up it’s act – it seems that they have been rudely interrupted by yet more US and German Paratroopers. With our tongue firmly planted in our cheek we build and review the bath time special in 35th scale- “The South of Europe, 1944 – US and German Paratroopers”

Monday, March 9

Taming the Bronco – Kittyhawks’ 32nd OV-10 review PT. II Painting and weathering…

Kittyhawk’s latest kit of the OV-10 Bronco is half completed on François and Nic’s combined working bench. This 32nd scale kit has already been constructed and we have seen some delicate cockpit and engine work – now for painting and weathering this cool looking aircraft. All this and final thoughts in Part II in this build.

Sunday, March 8

Review Panzer Aces 48 - the Diorama Special

A natural follow on to Accion’s book about Dioramas - the new “Panzer Aces” magazine no #48 is a complimentary volume that is mostly concerned with dio’s as well. Well there is sure to be some good armour, figure work, painting and weathering in there as well. Let’s find out in our review of Panzer Aces 48

Saturday, March 7

Big Buckin’ Bronco Built-Up– Kittyhawks’ 32nd OV-10 review PT. I

Kittyhawk’s latest kit of the OV-10 Bronco is the next on François and Nic’s combined working bench. This 32nd scale kit shows lots of promise and we review it for you as they guys build the kit. See what it is really like in Part I of II in this build.

Thursday, March 5

Sprues, boxart and markings for Hobbyboss' three latest kits for March/April…

Hobbyboss has three new items for release in the March/April period, a Luftwaffe favourite, a Russian Medium and a Swedish defender make up their newest kits. We thought you would want a look at the sprues and markings in today’s preview:

Tuesday, March 3

Revell's March new items are varied and genre-busting...

March’s new items from Revell sees us driving around with a see through rear bonnet, we fly the flag as we haul-ass, we go off-road and onto the sea from the air and under the surface, we even land on the water from the air! Confused? Well you won’t be after you see what Revell has in store this month…

Monday, March 2

Read'n Review: Pla Editions' Modelling the Abrams Vol.1

Pla Editions latest “Special” edition has gone from the Fennek book we looked at a little while ago, to the namesake of their magazine as a subject. This book – No #I in a series of two is called “Modelling the Abrams” and you can guess what the book is about. We take a look in today’s review…

Sunday, March 1

"The News" On Tour - We visit RAAF Museum Point cook

Before Venturing off to see the Avalon International Air show  we took a break to pop into the nearby Point Cook RAAF museum to take in some history of the Australian air force. Several unique and interesting types are housed here and we took lots of pictures to show you around...