Thursday, March 31

Bronco Models Five featured new kits for April…

Bronco Models bring us five new kits this month, from a little known US pop gun to a well-known British cousin, a one of a kind Soviet tank to a Tiger that flies – and don’t forget a tank with duckbills!  See what we mean with Bronco’s new April items…

Wednesday, March 30

Preview – Valiant Wings new “Airframe Album No.9 The Arado Ar 234 - A Detailed Guide to The Luftwaffe's Jet Bomber”

Valiant Wings Publishing are well known for their Airframe Album series of books that try to place as much information about an aircraft in one place as possible, and their latest is book on the Ar 234 "Blitz" is looking very nice looking indeed. Let’s see what is coming inside the book in today’s preview.

Sunday, March 27

Pegaso’s new Medicine Man & Tracian Warrior - sure to heal your passion & wound your wallet this month..

Pegaso have been quiet as of late – but this march and April sees the release of two very highly sought after subjects, A Classical era Tracian Warrior and an old west era Medicine Man. See what they are made of and how they look in our preview...

Saturday, March 26

Read n’ Reviewed: "Landscapes of War. Diorama Vol.II" - Greatest Guide series.

We got a chance to review the very nice "Landscapes of War. Diorama Vol. I” from the Greatest Guide series a while ago and we found it a really interesting and equally as an informative guide. The second book in the series is now with us – and at 200-odd pages it is a bit of a read, but luckily for us there are lots of pictures! We thought we would share with you what we found out about this – the second in the series in today’s review…

Friday, March 25

Hasegawa’s new items for June 2016 – What already?

Even we left out the “new” re-releases of the limited items Hasegawa sure still have a lot to come this June. Take a look at their releases in our preview to try to plan your next build in time for their release….

Thursday, March 24

What do you get when you cross an An Egg & A Tupelov Tu-2 Tu-2? Happy Easter! as Andy builds Meng's kit

With all of the spectrum splitting and rivet counting and having a go at anything that “doesn’t look right” - what about modelling for fun? The “Egg Plane” movement is growing in numbers as even the most serious of and most talented modellers get on board to either relieve stress or just to make something without having to conform to hard to a predetermined standard. Andy Moore got into his Easter Egg-plane Tupolev Tu-2 model in today’s build

Wednesday, March 23

Read n’ Reviewed: Luftwaffe im Focus Edition #25 by Axel Urbanke

Luftwaffe im Focus series is now twenty-five issues old -  Axel Urbanke’s research and interviews reap many archival treasures often not before seen in print. We have read it, and now you can see in our review if this issue is up to his usual lofty standards.  

Monday, March 21

Construction Review: MiniArt’s German Tank Crew (France 1940)

With the new early Panzer III’s coming from Miniart and a host of other early war Axis rarities we need some crew to populate them. MiniArt have answered their own needs with a new crew of early war tankers circa 1940. We put them together so you could see what they are really like to build in our review

Sunday, March 20

MiniArt’s shows us just how to build their dioramas.

We have seen lots of videos on “the tubes”, but not many as good as this one for modellers. MiniArt have posted a full video of how to best make, paint and decorate their building series of kits. It’s a good seventeen minutes you will not regret.

Saturday, March 19

Preview: Airplanes in Scale II - The Greatest Guide - Jets

Last year we looked at Number 1 in this series of “Airplanes in Scale - The Greatest Guide” which featured propeller aircraft, and indeed it was one of the best books we had seen on aircraft modelling. Now the second half of this series is with us & it features jet aircraft this time. We have several preview pages to give you a taste of what is to come…

Friday, March 18

Modern warfare at it’s best (we hope?) as we read n’ review Abrams Squad No#14

The Abrams Squad No#14 from Pla Editions has just arrived on our desk and no doubt in the shops near you. We spent some time reading it today and thought it was only fair to tell you what we thought about this latest edition in today’s review….

Thursday, March 17

Andy's build review of the 35th scale Takom AMX-13/90 French light tank

A while ago Andy showed us his thoughts on the new Takom AMX-13/90 kit  in 35th scale. That was before it went under his knife, sander & filler tube. Now he gives us his thoughts on how the kit goes together with a helpful guide to getting the most out of your own kit in today's build review...

Wednesday, March 16

Construction Review: MiniArt’s new 35th scale U.S."Soldier Pushing Motorcycle"

Well MiniArt have combined their excellent WLA Motorbike with this new GI who looks like he is out of fuel or luck – This new “in Progress” list. Let’s have a look at him in our preview…

Tuesday, March 15

In action report – Andy reviews the New Penguin Mk.I decal Sets on his tank...

Recently Andy Moore needed some new decals for his Takom Mk.I tank. A Russian company called New Penguin Decals supplied them, and what better way to review them than to apply them to a kit? Let’s see how the decals went on and what is covered with the three releases he looked at…

In-Boxed: Bruce looks at F-86F ‘Ultimate Sabre” Limited edition before he builds it...

Bruce Anders from Cutting Mat Capers is new to TMN but not new to many of you out there. He has put his considerable skills into building the Eduard kit of the 48th scale F-86F ‘Ultimate Sabre” – a special edition with Hasegawa plastics pimped out with Eduard Brassin and photo-etched detail. Let’s see what he thinks about the kit before he gets building it in his “Inbox.”

Sunday, March 13

CAD Preview: Kittyhawk upsizes their cat with a 32nd scale Sepecat Jaguar family on the way...

Kittyhawk surprised a few with their very good Sepecat Jaguar kits in 48th scale, some people often thought why not “upsize” them? Well their wish has been granted as Kittyhawk send us pictures of the CAD drawings of the first of the Jaguar family to come this year…

Saturday, March 12

AMMO’s new products, Colourful, insightful and a little bit dirty…

MiG’s AMMO brand newest items are with us - from their new AFV and armoured encyclopaedia volume, to two paint sets for all of your recent Su-33 and late Luftwaffe aircraft needs to some dirty & muddy track-work, it’s all-new from AMMO this month. Let’s see what’s new….

Friday, March 11

The colourful French Zouave Regiment soldiers of 1914 brought to life

The latest sculpt from Life Miniatures is a 1/10th resin cast in which the sculptor Eduard Perez has made a likeness of a French soldier of the Zouave Regiment in 1914.These colourful colonial soldiers are a great choice for figure and bust painters so we thought we would give you a look at him unpainted, painted as well as some references of the source material in today’s preview.

Thursday, March 10

Italeri’s new items of April 2016 – four large kits with some tiny soldiers to fight over...

Six new kits from Italeri are in today’s preview, and each of them has a certain charm. We like all of them for one reason or another and we think you might too.  Let’s see the sprues and pictures in our preview…

Wednesday, March 9

We dive into Revell of Germany’s four new kits for March 2016.

Revell of Germany keeps on coming up with new items - and we keep showing you the kits that are due to hit your local hobby store this month. Four new kits in this bunch...Let’s take a look at what is already winging its way to the shop for you to purchase…

Tuesday, March 8

Building Kittyhawk's 32nd scale Kingfisher OS2u - Part I of II

We have already looked at the sprues of the kingfisher in our preview – and today Nico & Francois team up to make the model before the next step of making a diorama for it to all fit into. They had some special motivation along the way – see how the kit built up in today’s Build story.

Monday, March 7

Preview: Hobbyboss’ new items for April 2016 - light tanks of all types ahoy!

Hobbyboss have five new releases for April (already) are out to the public – these may well be a lot of people’s next builds (or purchases at least) so we thought we would show you them to let you know a little more about them before they hit the shops…

Sunday, March 6

Spot the difference? MiniArt’s new kit of the T-44M in 35th scale has subtle differences to it's brother…

Miniart's new T-44M in 35th scale – it looks very to the earlier announced brother kit - but the "M" version is different in several ways - we take a look with some comparisons of how this kit differs and what's coming in the box in our preview...

Saturday, March 5

Bronco Models March releases offer something added to classics to make us take a second look...

Bronco models new items are really new boxings or kits with some additional parts. Although they are of an older origin there has been something added to each of these kits we think is of merit – take a look in today’s preview…