Monday, December 31

Meng’s merciless schedule keeps going – now for a heavy French howitzer in 1/35th

Hot on the heels of the Mine-sweeping Merkava we get newly released details from Meng of their latest kit in 1/35th scale – the TS-004 1/35 AUF1 155mm Self-propelled Howitzer which impressed us so much at the Carousel in Samur this year – let’s see what their kit has in store for us!

Sunday, December 30

Jasmine Model's new sets to upgrade your Strike Fighter – and also a complete Photo etched U-boat?

Jasmine Model form the far east have two interesting  projects on the go – firstly a detailed set of updates for your new Kitty Hawk 1/48th JSF and the other is a very different looking kit of the U-boat in 1/350th – talk about a barbed wire canoe!

Friday, December 28

New Typhoon sets make your own perfect storm from Barracuda Studios

Barracuda Studios rarely have a lull don't they? Well Roy has had a day or so off over Xmas and then post-haste sent news of his latest amazing little set – if applied to your 48th scale Typhoon – well the pictures speak for themselves – see more in our preview of this excellent new lot of update sets from Barracuda Studios...

Thursday, December 27

MiniArt are turning a corner in 2013...Starting in Belgium!

New in the Diorama series from MiniArt is this – the latest street scene in 1/35th scale – we have the preview of Kit: 36024 “Ardennes Street” for you….

Wednesday, December 26

The new L1500A kit from MiniArt - upgraded with figures and new marking schemes - wow!

The latest little amazing kit from Miniart - the Steyr L1500A is showing up some of the big boys -Now they have upgraded it with a figure set and shown more of the marking details - along with built up shots we can reveal in our preview..

Tuesday, December 25

Brand new Merkava Mk.3 BAZ Release from Meng gets things rolling this Christmas

As a nice little surprise for Christmas from Meng – news of their latest mine sweeping MBT from Israel – the Merkava Mk.3 BAZ

Monday, December 24

Fortes Miniatures – A new figure and a whole new website as well! Someone’s been busy - Lucky he has two heads!

We preview Diego F. Fortes new sculpt of a Spanish officer of the “Tercios” in the battle of Rocroi in 1643 and find out Miniaturas Fortes has a new website In our preview…

Sunday, December 23

MasterBox 35150: Review - We come out swinging with the review of Masterbox's latest kit

MasterBox from the Ukraine have been on the end of some pretty dramatically posed figures sets recently – our review of their Civil war “attack” set last month illustrates the point – this month another amazing and dynamic set of seven figures – all having a (friendly) “blue” called “British and American Paratroopers, WWII Era”

Saturday, December 22

Stalingrad streams out new figures from the heartland of Russia

This month we see many new figure releases from Stalingrad miniatures from Russia – they have sent pictures and some info on some Russian figures this time – Early war refugees and late war Red Army Staff Officers who "definitely are not" posing for the pictures we have of them!!

Friday, December 21

And you thought traffic was bad! Add-On Parts & the Art Of Modelling Magazine is interactive and Digital for January 2013

Something blocking the road?
Add On Parts supply their customers with top quality Diorama accessories and extra detail parts for your tanks and armoured vehicles. They make great quality stuff – and we are always happy to see what they have been up to – here in our January 2013 preview from them we have some impressive new kits for you to add to your stash – or even, maybe perhaps your diorama you are just about to finish! Also great new features on their "Art of Modelling" Magazine - now truly interactive...

Thursday, December 20

Hasegawa's January releases - a few late Xmas ideas and new year's resloloutions perhaps?..

Straight from their pile of new releases - Hasegawa send a few pictures of some tasty December and new year kits – lots of new twists on old classics here…

Tuesday, December 18

Sang Eon Lee's Life Miniatures 1st Division Marine from Guadalcanal bust reviewed

Hot on the heels of the first pieces from Life Miniatures (the 1/10th scale bust of a  Vietnam War Photographer 1971 and Joachim Peiper) comes the latest in Sang Eon Lee’s magnificent range of figures. This one will suit the pacific WWII guys – or anyone who likes to model one of the “Leathernecks”
It is a bust of a WW2 USMC 1st Division marine from Guadalcanal 1942; we construct him and see if he’s made of “The right stuff” in our review…

Monday, December 17

Eduard “Brassin” B-25H/J wheels 1/32nd scale review & construction

Although it is a pretty good kit in itself it is funny that the new HK Models B-25 kit has seen many aftermarket extras made to improve it still further – more than it’s fair share some would say, and most we have been shown off here – well just when you thought we had it all covered we saw these beautiful looking wheels from the “Brassin” range from Eduard – are these new shoes “just right” or are they the emperor’s new clothes? Let’s look in our review

Saturday, December 15

Eagle Cals EC#146 B-25H Mitchell decals in 32nd Review

The new HK B-25”H” model in 1/32nd – we are assured it will hit the shelves in the US this week – well the decals supplied aren’t the strongest part of the kit – we have a remedy however – in the form of EagleCals sheet EC#146 – three different markings choices for three colourful ships – let’s look at the decal sheet a bit closer and show you the real aircraft to compare the accuracy shall we?

Friday, December 14

Wings Cockpit Figures saves all our 1/32 bacons with new figures for your large scale kits...

For as long as I can remember the only figures readily available for 1/32nd aircraft have been the somewhat mangled figures you get inside the kit box – usually sitting still - one hand on the joystick and not really very good – well David from Wings Cockpit Figures has come to our rescue with these beautiful figures for WWII ( and more WWI) aircraft. We have lots of images and their particulars – with a window to upcoming releases in our preview…

Thursday, December 13

Live Resin push the boundaries of Resin figure sculpting with their latest releases

Live Resin from Russia has sent us pictures of their incredibly detailed new figures of modern US soldier in 1/35th scale – we are just blown away at what is achievable with their figures…

Wednesday, December 12

Zotz 1/32 P-38 Lightnings Preview...

Zotz’ have sent us pictures of the profiles of the six new decal choices in their latest 1/32nd decal sheet for the P-38 lightning kit from Trumpeter – remember that from your stash? – now it seems we have six good reasons to dig it out.

Tuesday, December 11

Kagero's December items - five of the best - ships, units, tanks, colours and drawings

Kagero have kept the pace with their own prolific standards and sent us the details of their December releases – we have some images to show you to give you an idea of what’s on the way..

Monday, December 10

Navals Ahoy! with AK interactive's new December items!!

Ahoy there land lubbers! Christmas time and its time to get your navals out – your ships we mean – but what to weather them with? Well AK Interactive has just released a great new range of weathering stuff for ships – combined with new releases of artist quality watercolours, some great track weathering sets and of course where would you be without a pre-ty nice looking calendar to keep your builds on schedule for the next year?

Sunday, December 9

A new Winter Ardennes bust from Life Miniatures

Sang Eon Lee has a new figure in his series of busts in the Life Miniatures range of figure busts – just in time for Christmas. The latest figure might be something of an anniversary project as the bust is set in December of 1944 in the Ardennes forest – the figure is of a sure to be popular SS Infantryman. You can see him from every angle in our preview…

Saturday, December 8

Ampersand's sale distracts us from the preview of their new "Son of Sherman"

Ampersand Publications has some new info on their latest publication  “Son of Sherman” due to hit the shelves very son – but if you cannot wait till then they have a “bonza” little sale on to tempt you this Christmas….

Friday, December 7

Dioramas for Christmas with no tinsel? excellent! Reality in Scale delivers again

Reality in Scale brings a gamut of new diorama products in 1/35th scale this month of December – So many reasons to stay out of the bad weather and enjoy your modelling!

Tuesday, December 4

Review - New Tool Revell 1/24th Mini cooper

The guys from Revell of Germany have made a new tool Mini Cooper 998 Mk.I from 1964 -  We love the mini – so we just had to have the kit - here is what we found when we looked at it…

Monday, December 3

Royal Model's December updates are ruined!

Royal Model from Italy have two new diorama sets for you this month – a new resin cast of a ruined house in the Ardennes in 1/48th scale and some 35th scale ruins with those nasty SS troopers using it as a hideout – check them both out in our preview…

Sunday, December 2

An Alpine Xmas setting? We have get our heads together and produced some figures for you

Alpine Miniatures has a large selection of excellent new figures in 1/16th and 1/35th scales (complete with a few extra heads) on sale this month – we thought we would show you them all in our preview

Friday, November 30

It's getting colder out - so Meng sends shots of their two cold-war kits built up to warm your heart

Meng from the Far East have supplied us some pictures of their latest creation – the 1/72nd G.91R Light Fighter-Bomber built up and painted – this little kit looks like it has lots of potential in the right hands – they have also released details a while ago about their second delta winged release in 1/72nd scale the delta Dagger (flown by Ex-President George Bush Sr. himself). We thought we would bring them both to you in our preview…

Thursday, November 29

From the big set – we review three of Stalingrad’s Latest figures from the battle of Velikiye Luki

Stalingrad resin figures from Russia have a great name for themselves in the modelling world for producing very original sculpts with great facial features and a certain charm and character to them – we will see for ourselves when we build three figures from their latest big set – soldiers from the Battle of Velikiye Luki on the eastern front of ‘42/’43….