Saturday, June 30

Superscale Thunders in with two new decal choices for the F-84 in 1/32 scale

SuperScale Decals from Squadron Productions has two new single sets of decals for the F-84E and G models from Hobbyboss in 1/32. One flown by the very famous Col Robert L Scott and the other from the 310th FBS in korea with a massive dragon on it's flanks...

Friday, June 29

Tarangus’ J32B Lansen kit in 1/48th to land in August!

 We have a bit of a Tarangus Lansen theme going on this weekend – with part one of the build of the Saab A32A Lansen kit in 1/48th and now news of the release of the news that Tarangus’ new J32B Lansen kit’s imminent release – read on to find out more..

Revell Henschel Type 33 D I in 1/35th review

Revell are on the wagon! Well on the truck anyway – the Henschel Type 33 D I truck I mean – this large transport truck – although not as well-known as the Mercedes “blitz” trucks was just as important and looks to be quite an interesting model kit – let’s have a look..

Thursday, June 28

Zotz 1/32 A-4E Skyhawks of the Vietnam War Review

Zotz from sunny Mexico have already released one set of decals that go along with the A-4C conversion in 1/32 (while another to come of "M'" skyhawk very soon) now Zotz have released their latest decal sheet in 1/32 scale – this time their subject is the Excellent A-4E Skyhawk in the Vietnam war – four different schemes are represented in colours not yet seen in 1/32 scale we will review the sheet for you here...

Wednesday, June 27

Eduard's new P-38J over Europe in 1/48th scale preview

Eduard are releasing a special limited edition P-38 kit in 1/48th scale and it look like it will be a cracker! Several parts of the kit are to be improved by Eduard’s “Brassin” accessories and with the choice of six different markings this looks promising, let’s have a look at what we know so far…

Monday, June 25

EagleCals EC #143 Stuka Ju-87B Part I in 1/32 review..

Renown in the modelling world for excellence in research, quality and subject choice EagleCals from the USA have hit first in the decal market for the new Trumpeter Ju-87B kit in 1/32 scale. They have two sheets of which we will look at separately, first of all the Part I sheet with only two choices but probably the most popular colours for this marque of aircraft and most probably the best seller of the two. Let's take a look...

Sunday, June 24

The cover-up continues -J's work has more masks just released

J’s Work – those busy new manufacturers of almost anything modellers want to make is back with some interesting new masking products to help you paint your latest model kit- be it Israeli, German, US or Russian they have you covered…(and not covered where you want the paint to go on)

Saturday, June 23

What time is the bus? It's freezing here! Dragon's latest Gen 2 figures..

Latest in Dragon’s line of  “Gen 2” figures are a set of German soldiers from the late war winters of 1943 -1945 ( we know – more Germans - but you keep buying them!) anyway this is a new set of great figures – but do they make a set? Continue on to see what we mean…

Never thought a 1/24 Buccaneer would come? Well the Buc stops here…

Stuart Harris in enterprising modeller has created a large – very large - (1/24th) scale Blackburn Buccaneer from scratch in a resin/plastic mix for himself – and now he is making them available for sale to the general public!

Friday, June 22

A dog! ...and MasterBox’ latest kits with lots of pics

Just when you think everything has gone quiet at MasterBox HQ they send us details of their latest kits on the way for next month – we have some great images for you wrap your eyes around in our preview…

Thursday, June 21

Alpine Miniatures 35141: 1/35 German SS Panzer Commander Set (2 Figures) Review

You would think that Alpine Miniatures would run out of interested parties when it comes to selling German SS Panzer men from WWII – but we just love them it seems! Nearly every set of this subject sell out I am reliably told – Maybe excellent sculpting and engineering help as well – we will see if this set is a worthy companion to the other Alpine figures in our review...

Wednesday, June 20

BarracudaCast Mainwheels & four different tyre tread types in 1/32 review.

Anyone making the older Dragon, Hasegawa or Monogram kits of the 1/32 P-51d Mustang have one thing in common – these kits all need a better set of main gearwheels than the ones supplied in the kit. 

Meanwhile the owners of these kits and the new Tamiya kit have one other thing in common – they ALL need better tyres for their kits!! Well Barracuda Studios from the USA have released some new resin replacements for both of the wheels and four different tread pattern resin tyres -  and we thought we would investigate them and compare them to the original kit parts…

Tuesday, June 19

A special behind the scenes interview from the Osprey blog - Mark Postlethwaite

In another 'behind the scenes at Osprey' blog, Charly Ford from our editorial department has a Q&A with popular Osprey illustrator Mark Postlethwaite.

A new quaterly weather forecast from AK Interactive

AK Interactive have made a name for themselves in the modelling world as a supplier of great modelling materials, and while they encompass all genres in their supplies you would have to say they specialize in weathering materials. Now – together with some of the most famous modellers in the world AK have released pictures of their brand new magazine called “the Weathering Magazine” - funnily enough dedicated to weathering scale models – click on for more in our preview of this new quarterly released periodical… (we have left these images large so double click them to see more of each page)

Monday, June 18

New LifeColor sets and a new souped up extractor from

Need some new acrylic paints to depict a northern French village from WWII? Check
What about a southern French Village in WWII? Check
What about some “Dirty” Effects to make engines look used? Check
What about a colour set for your British Battle of Britain aircraft? Check!
Now you need an extractor? Well we have that too – a brand new more powerful model! - 
 - Sounds like and their new products for June!!

BarracudaCast BR32020: Mercedes D.II/D.IIIa Intake Manifold in 1/32 scale review.

Barracuda Studios from the USA have released some new resin replacement parts for the 1/32 Mercedes D.III/D.IIIa engine specifically designed for the Wingnut Wings kits of quite a few aircraft that use the Mercedes engine. Let’s see how they measure up against the real thing.

Sunday, June 17

Urrrraahhhhh! It’s June’s Commandos in the Sunday strip

The four latest Commandos for this fortnight have already hit the stores – and they have some interesting issues up for sale - check out these great little "light reading" and should be in stores in your news agents now..

Zotz 1/32 B-25J Mitchell at War Pt. 2 decal Preview

 Zotz’ have released the second set of decals from their B-25 series of “Gun Nose” variants – (The Glass nosed variants are reviewed here) these are printed in 1/32 and 1/72nd scales and have some  five ( six on the  1/72 sheet) colourful subjects in their sights – let’s have a look in this preview

Saturday, June 16

Would you like to help Kagero move house?

Kagero are moving offices, and to make the move a few less truckloads lighter they are selling off a lot of titles (132) throughout their range at some pretty amazing prices! Some books are on sale for as little as three Euros! From life we all know most sales are pretty rubbish – but this one really looks to have genuine value - Every-one of their ranges has books in this sale and some really new books are there as well so it won’t hurt to check them out at this link on their Webstore… But be quick!

Friday, June 15

Dragon previews their updated early Raupenschlepper

One of the best models we saw at last year’s Euro Militaire was a model called "Gone with the wind” this was a kit of the late war tiny Raupenschlepper in a cold winter scene with a Luftwaffe field division crew-member losing his warm hat against the wind – it was a great vignette and it made me dearly want to model this kit – well it’s my lucky day because Dragon are bringing out a brand new tooled version of the early war RSO/01 Type 470 Tractor kit with lots of extras – let’s have a look at the early preview images and information in our preview..

Thursday, June 14

Eduard announces that August will see new P/E sets and Masks for the HK Models B-25 kit in 1/32 - "XL-Ed" set for anyone? ?

Eduard have answered the prayers of many owners of the new HK Models B-25 in 1/32 – they have developed a new Photo Etch set for the beast and we have some early test shots for you to drool over!

What’s the hold-up? - J’s work and their “Modern City Checkpoint” is the answer!

 J’s work have announced show us already the pictures of their second plastic kit – the Modern City “Check Point” – and now we have some more info – including sprue shots and the built and painted kits – they look a treat –  let’s have a gander!

Brassin set MG 17 German WWII guns in 1/48 scale review

has released some new 1/48th “Brassin” range MG 17 machine guns to match your early war German fighters like the Bf 109 and Fw-190A’s or even as a self-defence gun on your Luftwaffe bombers – anywhere you want to show the detail off I suppose! We thought we would have a look at them and see what the quality was like in our review...

Wednesday, June 13

Master Details has a new kit in their sights...

Need a bombsight for your latest 1/32 late war German bomber kit? Can’t find one in 1/32? Sell Master Details has made a new kit of the “Lotfernrohr 7” or Lotfe 7 bombsight – made by Zeiss lenses this was the German counterpart to the Norden bombsight in WWII and the “K” model was used in the Arado Ar 234 and Me 262 bomber versions – read on below to see more of Master Details Masterpiece in the preview info.

* Actual bombsight - click on below for the kit in the news article

1/32 B-25 Mitchell landing gear from G-factor Review

The new 1/32 scale B-25 Mitchell needed a few bits and bobs to make it a truly great kit – first of all that I would have added were some metal landing gear to strengthen up the stance of this massive beast of a kit – well G-factor have entered their own set of legs for your consideration – let’s have a look at them in our review.

Tuesday, June 12

“Bikini Girls with Ma-chine-gunzzz” – Well not exactly Bikinis - 1/35th Machine Gun Girls No.I by Modelkasten

Well it was the Crampssong that I thought of when I saw these figures – they seem to be resistance lasses packing some ready-made retribution in 1/35th scale – check out their vitals in this preview

Monday, June 11

Revell give us their test results....

 Revell of Germany has sent us a few new pics of two of their long awaited aircraft kits in 1/32 – the much anticipated (and dissected) Heinkel He 219 and the Westland Lynx Mk 88. These are first run test shots but pretty nice looking already…

Fire Away! Stalingrad Russian Howitzer crew

Brand new from Russian figure makers Stalingrad we have a great set of Soviet Howitzer crew from WWII – the facial features and options make this an interesting kit – read on to see more..