Thursday, January 31

New year and three new releases from Alpine Miniatures.

Well only two figure but three different ways to get them.. Just released on the Alpine Website are these two new SS Grenadiers in 35th scale – sold singly or as a pair we thought we would look a little closer at them in our preview…

Wednesday, January 30

1/35 Panzer VII Löwe from Amusing Hobby - PtI review and building the kit

Amusing Hobby - a modelling company that not many people are familiar with but most are curious about – myself included. I was intrigued by their excellent choices of off-beat German armour – and when their Panzer VII Löwe came out I really wanted not only to get it but to build it. So I thought I would share that with you…

Tuesday, January 29

Barracudas big wheels keep on turnin’

I think it is great the Roy from Barracuda Studios likes the P-47 thunderbolt – as it is my favourite kite – now Roy brings news he has mastered three new sets of wheels for this beast in 1/32nd scale – and in what he says are the finest details ever produced for this aircraft - happy days are here again !

Monday, January 28

Sticky situation? MIG productions have the new solution..

Finishing products, my my my...
Most modellers have their kits pretty much together – there is however a bit of a gap between those in the know and those not when it comes to adding realistic scenery to your soon to be Vignette – Sometimes it is as easy as getting an aftermarket solution to transform your scene.
Enter MIG Productions with their new set "MUD"… ohh and need a decent decal setting solution? read on...

We "heart" Andrea Miniatures new February figures…

Latest in the line from Andrea Miniatures’ figures is a single buccaneer and a good excuse to get modelling on valentine’s day !

Sunday, January 27

Get on your 3D bikes and Ride!

Kagero continue with their latest in their series of revamped books with Photo-sniper no:6 – this book is on the BMW motorbike – with the focus being on the iconic R 75 – often with a sidecar this bike has become something of a must have in the modelling world – can this edition with the 3d graphics enhancements help a modeller? Let’s find out..

Saturday, January 26

Sang Eon Lee's Waffen SS Infantryman Ardennes comes to "Life"

Sang Eon Lee
has a new figure in his series of busts in the Life Miniatures range of figure busts – this figure of a German SS soldier in World War II captured in December of 1944 in the Ardennes forest . we will look at him and put him together in detail in our review..

Friday, January 25

Velinden’s New January releases + 20% off + Anyone seen my GIANT LATHE around here?

This month Verlinden gives you some BIG tools to make your new project, a very cranky man to come from the sky and boss people around, something to keep the air in your jet’s tires and who knew that Sherman’s had a bed attached to them?

Thursday, January 24

Thought you had your model tank looking as good as you could get it? enter Rinaldi Studio Press with "TANKART I"

Just when you thought there were enough quality publications about modelling in the marketplace already – something new – a different angle emerges - Rinaldi Studio Press have just released their first publication – the first of a series of dedicated books which deal with a genre of modelling projects each – the first title goes straight for the heart of most modellers – “TANKART I” is all about modelling German armour. Read on to see all that is and all that is coming from RSP…

Tuesday, January 22

We see the monster from MENG arise....

MENG has sent snaps of their features of their latest monster mine sweeping MBT from Israel – the Merkava Mk.3 BAZ – as well as shots of the model completed – niiiiicccee…

Monday, January 21

Fortes Miniatures "Green Devil" touches down...

Diego Fortes brings us his newest creating in his own range of figures – He is going German this time – a crack force of only 100 early-war Fallschirmjäger are ready to land on your workbench…

Sunday, January 20

We review the F9F Cougar "Walk Around" from Squadron

Squadron/Signal Publications gave us a copy of their latest book in their “Walk Around” series – the book on the US Navy F9F Cougar. With this aircraft serving with the US Navy, Blue Angels and even the Argentinian air service we thought that this book would be an interesting read….

Friday, January 18

Kagero monographs 49 - we review part one of two of their new Uhu - for you.....

With all of the excitement on the modelling world with two large scale He-219 kits coming out the guys at Kagero had quickly sold out of their first edition Monograph with the “Uhu” as the subject. Well now good news that this book has been turned into more than one book but two.. Read on in our review to see what I mean…

Thursday, January 17

It’s might be winter – but Master Details from the USA isn't afraid to bare some leg!


Master details have just sent some details of a new tropical pilot figure to suit your US Navy/ Marines aircraft in the hot pacific sunshine. Imagine being able to wear short in the pacific right now – hmmm sounds nice doesn't it? Let’s have a look..

The big cat from Revell gets a thorough pawing over..

Our own favourite master of sublime detail Derek has gone over the new Sea Lynx from Revell in 32nd scale. We were anxious to see if this good value kit goes together as well as everyone hopes..


Tuesday, January 15

Fitting the Flanker - Eth's build of the 1/48th Eduard Su-27 Pt.I

We reviewed this kit from Eduard late last year, and with all of the extra Brassin parts and additions to the base kit we thought it would be good to see this kit built up - We let our man Eth loose on the project and now we can show the Part 1 - the initial internals "in action."

Monday, January 14

EagleCals 1/32 B-25J Straffer decals reviewed - plus we find the original aircraft to compare them with

Having just released EagleCals new pair of B-25 Mitchell sheets for the cannon and gun nose we thought we would take you through the what is in 1/32nd  cannon nose set we received for review we tried to highlight these with pictures of the original aircraft – but let me tell you – this was a hard search!!

Sunday, January 13

Could this Polish supermodel be the end of magazines as we know it?

Print media is being over-taken by the endless bounty of instant on-line media in not only the modelling world but everywhere – Is this publication "Super Model International" which looks somewhere between a magazine and a small book - a saviour or a symptom of the industry – let’s have a look in our review

New figures “in progress” from MasterBox – mining an un-tapped market.

Masterbox have tapped a vein - In addition to the latest WWII 1/32 figures of German aircrew from Ukraine model makers MasterBox we have some new RAF figures in 1/32nd scale– as well as some WWI soldier figures in 1/35th in their “in progress” section…

Saturday, January 12

Meng's heavy hitter comes out firing....

Having only just released details of their new model of the French built AUF1 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer MENG now have a built up version for us with all of the details shown in this excellent build – read on in our preview..

Friday, January 11

Squadron /Signal Publications 39001 - We review the Elefant at close range

Squadron/Signal Publications have sent a copy of their latest published “Detailed In Action” series of books showing the huge German tank killer of WWII in various states during it’s short but eventful career – this book covers it all – and we take a detailed look at it and see if the new "detailed" part really needs to be added to the title or not…

Thursday, January 10

Real or just a Mirage? KittyHawk's new Two -seater built & Sprue shots

We have just received some excellent pictures of the sprues and the built up kit of KittyHawk's latest kit - the Mirage F.1B two-seater - Liking two-seaters myself I really dig the look of this one with it's large canopy, bomb load, sharp pointy nose..... Hang on - ill stop talking -just have a look at the pictures!

Want free shipping on Barracuda's stuff? Read on...

Barracuda Studios is having a short-term offer of free shipping on their stock - if you ever wanted some new decals /resin - or even the excellent "Hell hawks" book well there hasn't been a better time - read on to see what is included in the offer...

Wednesday, January 9

Kagero start the new year as they finished the last - with 5 new excellent titles!

Well some people are getting off to a good start of the new year – Kagero are one of the early birds with no less than FIVE new titles spreading from Their Deluxe Modelling magazine to a study of the Thunderbolt in the European theatre, a photo journal of the British made Chieftain tank, In in depth study of the famous “Immelmann” - and lastly a 3D title showing off the mighty USS Arizona for all of the Ship modellers as well – seems they have been very busy!

Tuesday, January 8

A Starfire thing - our build of the F-94C Pt.IV

Our 1/48th Kittyhawk F-94C Starfire build with our man Eth at the desk is complete – It sure looks like a great kit and well worth a look at the finished product….

Monday, January 7

We review the Revell 1/35 “German Truck V 3000S”

As the market to cover every unclaimed design hots up in the world of 1/35th military vehicles the softskin trucks and cars of the armies of the world are now the most popular subject going around. Revell of Germany throws its hat in the ring with this “Ford” V3000S from WWII – let’s see if it is the leader of the pack or "just another delivery"..

Sunday, January 6

Latest figure sets "On sale" from Masterbox - striking!

We have some more pictures of the latest kits from MasterBox that have just landed and are now “on sale” There are some interesting variations on well-known genres and some like this team playing football that are just completely new to the market.

Thursday, January 3

Eduard do some new panelling - We review their Bf-110C Instrument panel in 1/4th scale

Eduard have re-released the kit we thought would never see another run – their excellent Bf-110 instrument panel in 1/4th scale – only now they have improved it over the original. This looks like a great little kit even for those who don’t build aircraft - let’s look closer in our review…

Wednesday, January 2

MasterBox 35148: 1/35th Scale “Women of WWII Era” Review

MasterBox from the Ukraine has sent us their latest kit of VERY lovely figures – I say lovely because we are getting the chance to admire the female form -in 1/35th scale – in their latest kit “Women of WWII Era”

Tuesday, January 1

A chip off the ol’ block for 2013… AK Interactive's new "Chipping" Magazine

Just when you thought everything was new for 2013 -  AK Interactive remind us of how much we all like to dirty everything up in their latest quarterly magazine – this time called “Chipping” let’s look at it in our preview..