Sunday, March 31

in review…PeKo Publishing - Sturmgeschütz III on the Battlefield

Popular with the soldiers who fought with and inside it – the Sturmgeschütz III was probably what the German army of WWII should have mass produced – we have reviewed the new book from Peko Publishing titled “Sturmgeschütz III on the Battlefield” which documents the variants and career of this sturdy vehicle.

Saturday, March 30

Now THIS is large scale modelling folks! HK Models B-17G Flying Fortress test kit - our thoughts so far…

Well a week ago we had a very large (and we ain't lying) box arrive at our door here - it is one of the pre-production kits of the new HK Models version of the famous B-17 Flying fortress in 1/32 scale – well we have examined it, and instead of just leaving it at that and giving HK our feedback, we have been doing some construction to see how it all goes together - and this is what we think so far..

Friday, March 29

No the tortoise is not included with the Topolino - Bronco's March kits come from all round the world

Bronco Model has informed of four soon to be released models and two up and coming offerings in the works – German, Italian and American made vehicles are the subjects set to be released in March...

Thursday, March 28

Lots of replacement parts & wheels keep the people at Barracuda Studios hard at work this month

Roy from Barracuda Studios has sent news of his latest resin replacements in 48th and 72nd scales which we think would satisfy a lot of modellers out there. New improved parts for your first and second world war aircraft await in our preview…

Wednesday, March 27

Alpine at the tip of the spear with this month's releases

The latest sets from Alpine answer the prayers of many who have been braying for more allied figures – there is a set of two soldiers from the famous “spearhead” division – the US 3rd armour in 35th scale.
German figure lovers still have a reason to rejoice as there is a large scale 1/16th scale Waffen SS soldier here and some spare heads for your German soldiers as well. Let’s have a look…

Tuesday, March 26

Prisoners, Parras and Pillaged Plasterwork – MiniArt’s newest releases

It is that time of year when model makers start to release what they have promised in their catalogues and at big modelling shows. MiniArt has a wide range of kits available this year to release – they have started off well and now add these two to their cannon…

Review: Alpine Miniatures Otto Carius and NCO set in 35th scale

Alpine Miniatures has ventured into dangerous territory – this set of two figures we are reviewing today features one very well-known Panzer ace of WWII. Not only is he of a slight physique he is a funny looking fellow in real life. How to capture not only a man’s likeness but a well-known figure with certain peculiarities without lampooning them and so enraging World of Tanks fans around the world? We will see if this set captured the look.

Monday, March 25

Update - Silver Wings 1/32 Polikarpov I-153 Chaika is now on sale…

Silver Wings has released their 1/32 Polikarpov I-153 Chaika and we have some pictures of the instructions, markings and box art as well as kit information to add to the earlier shots of the master in in pre-production – clickety-click on our preview to see more..

We go back to look at the colours of the season in 1945 with AK Interactive in our review

Massive amounts of conjecture surround the colours of German Vehicles used towards the end of the war. Some people are very sure they know the answer but the rest of us are still asking questions. What we need is a book full of profiles to help us better make an educated guess on what colours to use – ohh – there is? and AK Interactive have the paint set to match? Let’s have a look at them..

Sunday, March 24

Dragon has another “Pop” at the FlaK 37

It seems that this popular little Ack-ack gun has been modelled by many different companies over the last few years - going from the Tamiya white box versions to the later and more sophisticated AFV Club and Bronco models, this gun is not ready for a smart kit release – or should I say update from Dragon Models – we have the vital statistics to help you choose in our preview…

Saturday, March 23

Dennis Oliver's book - "Viking Summer: 5.SS-Panzer-Division in Poland, 1944" review

When I think of a Viking summer I think of a movie from Sweden in the 70’s with funky music and…. Hang on - This is something different altogether! This book - "Viking Summer: 5.SS-Panzer-Division in Poland, 1944" is about the SS Viking Division and their desperate battle to stem the red army advance in Poland in 1944. Filled with pictures profiles and a whole lot of text let’s look at what comes in this book in our review.

Friday, March 22

Kagero Publishing Legends of Aviation in 3D No. 2, Fokker D.VII - The Lethal Weapon in review…

Our Man Dave Rowe has been hard at work travelling the world – but he had one companion to keep him sane – Kagero’s new book about the Fokker D.VII – part of their new “Legends of Aviation in 3D” series – these books blend historical reference with modern profiles and 3D rendering – click on to see what Dave thought in his review….

Thursday, March 21

Get on your bike and ride! Catwoman & Batpod in 1/18th scale from Moebius Models review & construction

When was the last time you built something fun? Well as a bit of a refresher we thought we might look at a few kits that were well in most modeller’s interest groups but different subjects from the norm of swastikas and jets, props, and tracks. Today we start with a review of Moebius Models new Catwoman and Batpod kit in 1/18th scale. We even put it together - just for fun of course!

Masterbox gone to the dogs? That's not the message we got!

MasterBox from the Ukraine have been a little quiet recently – so it is good to see them come up with three new kits this month – if you like guns, dogs or horses well I think there might be something here for you!

Tuesday, March 19

Mantis release several new sets for you to enliven the Ardennes...

Mantis Miniatures have just released a new set of photos showing off what they have been doing over the last month or so – four new kits in 35th scale – to soldiers an animal set and a Schwimmwagen update are joined by a surprise set of three officers in 72nd scale – clickety click on our preview to learn more…

Monday, March 18

Kagero's Units: 2 - JG 54. Green Heart Fighters in review

Kagero’s “Units” series continues with a great subject  - the unit of Jagdgeschwader 54 – the “green Hearts”  - this grouppe had many aces and served right throughout the second world war in several different types – so lot of choices for the three scales of decals which accompany them! Let’s look in our review

Saturday, March 16

Rinaldi Studio Press are taking pre-orders for TANKART II, we have some images for you...

is now up for Pre-order from their site - should you get it?. Here are some preview images of Vol.II to help you make the right decision earlier ..

Friday, March 15

AFV Club slightly adjust their range to make the most out of some popular subjects this march…

Some large scale kits this month’s end coming from AFV club – a 1/35 Churchill mk.III w/ordnance 75mm mk.V gun to blow away the opposition and a new boxing of the two seat RSAF F-16D Block 52+ in 32nd scale should keep you modellers happy for a few weeks! Have a sneak peek in our preview…

Thursday, March 14

New box art to add to the test shot images of the Gripen from Kittyhawk

To add to the CAD shots of the Kittyhawk model SAAB JAS 39C Gripen in 1/48th scale. We have shots of the test shot model - it looks every bit of what we hoped it might - it sure has us hoping for big things!! Check out these images..

Add on Parts provide you more options for your diorama this March..

Add On Parts continue to come up with diorama additions (like their name almost  eh?) to help make you scenes more realistic – and this month they have four new releases to add to their already burgeoning catalogue, let’s have a look at what they are “adding on” this month..

Finished Fitting the Flanker - Eth's build of the 1/48th Eduard Su-27

Ethelian has completed his build of the Eduard Su-27 special edition in 48th scale - we have links to all three parts of this challenging large 48th scale kit with a bunch of aftermarket extras included - how did it all fit together? well click on to see in the finishing article of the build..

Wednesday, March 13

Trumpeter cover most of the bases with their April releases…

A German Zerstörer, an American truck, a Skyraider and a tiny Dicker Max – these are the items up for a close look in our preview of Trumpeter’s April releases….

True details 1/32 Type AN-6510 Parachute preview…

Ever wanted to get out of work early? Well we have just the device for you – a Type AN-6510 parachute! Although it may be a squeeze at 1/32 of your body’s scale and made out of resin It might just still work – but if you cannot fit into it it would look good on an aircraft kit! We have some pics in our preview…

Tuesday, March 12

We jump into the review of Fortes Miniatures early war Fallschirmjäger in 1/24th scale

Diego Fortes has released a crack force of only 100 early-war Fallschirmjäger that are ready to land on our workbench to be reviewed – we grabbed one by the ripcord to show you…

We examine Oliver Publishing's Fortress in our preview

The Oliver Publishing Group – the guys who brought you books like “Panzers in the Bocage” and “To the Last Bullet” have now released details of their latest little gem – this book is centred on the “soft underbelly” of WWII and is called “Fortress: German Armour In The Defence Of Sicily” We have some info and preview pages for you…

Monday, March 11

Nuts and bolts 29: Raupenschlepper Ost – RSO Review

Nuts and Bolts are known for their excellent and thorough approach to all of the subjects they feature in their titles - but is this claim as good as the recipe? Let's have a look in their latest title - number 29 featuring the interesting little tractor - the Raupenschlepper Ost – RSO

1/16th Panzer 38(t) from PandaHobby - comparison shots of the "E" & "F" versions

We have just gotten shots of the boxart for the new Panda Hobby P-38t in 1/16th scale - we are ready now dammit! Anyway we thought we would add this to the rolling preview of this tiny tank in a big scale along with the images of the constructed vehicle...

Saturday, March 9

Review - Monographs Special Edition 1 - Messerschmitt Bf 109 F. - The Ace Maker

Kagero have made a good choice for the launch book in their new “Monographs Special Edition series” – the Bf-109F fighter – a very popular aircraft that saw some of the decisive fighting of WWII. We have the book and have read it and well telly you what we thought

Thursday, March 7

Alpine Miniatures 35153 WSS Grenadier Set in 1/35 review

 Just released on the Alpine Website is this set of two SS Grenadiers in 35th scale – sold singly or as a pair we thought we would look a little closer at them in our review as well as putting them together…

Kagero bring more books, more decals and super drawings this month

Is it March already? It surely is because we have a bunch of pictures and information from Kagero about their latest March releases...

Not only does the Bf 109 and the Fw190 get a run but also the ”Units” book this month captures the JG 51 ”Mölders” unit – all of these titles include decals in the three main aircraft scales - We also see new books on the Admiral Graf Spee and the battleship Bismark!!