Friday, August 30

Meng add their high speed “Hornisse” in 48th scale to their line-up

Not satisfied with just a cannon bird Me 410 in their 1/48th line-up, Meng have added the high speed bomber interceptor to their catalogue – we don't have a lot of information as  of yet but thought this was important for the Luftwaffe guys

Review: Kagero’s MINITOPCOLORS 36 - Pz.Kpfw. III family book & decals combo

The opportunity to buy a decal sheet printed by Cartograf with sixteen different schemes from various vehicles from the Panzer III family in not only 72nd, 48th and 35th scales – for €14.10 – and throw a 16 page booklet with profiles in as well….let’s see if the exorbitant price is worth it! :-)

Wednesday, August 28

Where’s the fire? Miniart want in with their fire truck as well

MiniArt have put in their bid to make their own fire service – after ICM has given us their simple but easy to build L1500S Mercedes German fire truck earlier this year now  MiniArt have stoked the fires with their all (fire)bells & and whistles version in development – we have some of their plans and CAD images in our report.

Tuesday, August 27

Review - Ampersand Publishing's massive book “Son Of Sherman Volume 1"

Ampersand Publishing always put out publications that are detailed and full of great pics but also pretty good in value – but they have taken looking at a subject to the next level with their latest publication - “SON OF SHERMAN VOLUME 1: The Sherman, Design and Development” This book covers the Sherman from beginning to the end and leaves nothing to the imagination – let’s have a closer look at this tome of knowledge in our review…

Saturday, August 24

Zotz drop bombs with their new B-17 decals in 32nd and 72nd..

The B-17 – a preeetty popular aircraft for aviation and WWII modellers you might agree for a decal sheet – no matter how many there are in the market already there really aren’t that sheets out so far in 32nd scale on the market. To celebrate the release of HK Models large scale B-17, Zotz has just released a sheet with five different fortresses on it – and you guys that model in 72nd are not left out either – as there is the same sheet for you in your scale as well. We have the preview and some of the shots from the original aircraft to compare them to as well…

Friday, August 23

The latest release from Meng – the 1:32 scale Me-163B Komet!

After false starts from Dragon and your old Hasegawa kit that needs updating – well MENG have beaten them all to the punch with this rocket powered Jet fighter – it will be popular no doubt...

Thursday, August 22

No time to rest Miniart - there’s allied soldiers to capture!

Miniart has just released images of the contents of two of the latest of their ever improving figure sets. One with five Soviet soldiers having a well-earned rest whilst in the Ardennes the Germans have captured three GI’s! Read on for the good “Gen” on these figure sets.

Wednesday, August 21

KittyHawk Models new F.1 put to an impressive test....

Even though this is the test shot in subject here from Kittyhawk Models  you can see the potential of their new single seat  Mirage F.1C in 48th scale – lots of shots of the built up model leave us wanting to see if it can improve still further before release…

In review: Airframe Album No.3: The CAC Boomerang by Richard A. Franks - Valiant wings Publishing

An aircraft from my native country I didn’t know that much about before I read this book – the Australian built The CAC Boomerang - is the subject of Valiant Wings Publication’s new title – and gee are we glad we picked it up…..

Monday, August 19

Review and build guide - Xact Scale Models 1/35th scale T-80U Soviet Main Battle Tank

When you first see a kit from a new model maker you are naturally tenuous as to how it will build – will they get anything wrong? This is especially magnified in a kit not often kitted – Take the new Xactscale 1/35th scale T-80U Russian main battle tank. A new kit from a brand new model company – what better a time to relax and “just trust the force?” Let’s see if we did and how we went with this promising kit.

Sunday, August 18

Eduard release their Cold War Tarantula in September

Eduard has shifted gears from focusing on the Spitfire to now the Mig-21PFM in 48th scale. This rendition of the famous cold war warrior isn’t just a re-hash of their earlier kits of this type – it is a mostly new kit – only having shared some common elements with it’s brethren – Eduard have sent some info and an excellent “instructional" Video as well – enjoy!

Saturday, August 17

"Uh-huh jump in my car" - Review & construction: Masterbox 35137 “German Infantry "Off to the front" Vehicle riders, WW II Era”

Masterbox have sent us their latest tricky little kit to make up for you this month – It features Germans – and lots of them – riding a vehicle in a variety of many different poses – we thought you would like to see them made up

Friday, August 16

Dragon's new Kharkov combatants

1943 – the battle of Karkov saw some of the most severe fighting in the second world war – and now Dragon has brought out a four figure set to replicate the scene on your diorama..

Thursday, August 15

Riich Models has brought some "Pommie" guns to the fight

Riich Models from the far east have filled a much needed gap – we already have plenty of German and soviet weapons in your stash and indeed that come as sets themselves – now they have brought out some heavy and light infantry weapons of British and commonwealth origin to littler your diorama with..

Wednesday, August 14

The drinks are on MENG as they roll out their completed T-90 MBT

We thought we would take a departure from Soviet tanks this week – with all of the new Russian heavy tank kits we thought you need a break – a breather - so have a bottle of beer (or water if you are driving) on model makers MENG – ohh and have a look at their built up Russian MBT the 35th scale T-90 while you are at it…

Tuesday, August 13

In Review - Add On Parts 1/35th scale Garbage bins ( type 1)


Who amongst you thought after-market companies just made a lot of Rubbish? Well you may be wrong – ‘cos Add On Parts are making resin parts that clean up the rubbish – in 35th scale no less..

News Update - Barracuda Studios have given us all the profiles for their new P-47 sheet and many new items all on sale..

Having had the pleasure to read the opus on the “Hellhawks” unit of P-47’s in the European theatre in WWII (“Thunderbolts of the Hell Hawks - 365th” FG) – so I am pretty stoked to see this – a large – and I mean large - set of 48th scale decals from Barracuda studios about to hit the market to match the aircraft featured in the book – With all of the seamless research conducted in making the book and the quality of Barracuda’s releases together this could be one of the decal releases of the year.. We have all of the profiles of the concerned aircraft here for you now...

In Review: Kagero Publishing's Air Battles 19 – Luftwaffe vs. USAAF 8th Air Force Vol.1

It is the battle that most captivates WWII modellers – the clash of the Luftwaffe versus the might of the USAAF eighth air force over the skies of Europe – so what better subject for a book? Kagero has taken up the challenge and now we have their latest title on the subject as our review today…

Monday, August 12

Just when you thought the AEC armoured car was indomitable on the modelling bench MiniArt brings out an archer to best it..

Miniart  has just released the third part in it’s new and intricate AEC armoured car kits – this time with a plethora of guns on the top of the turret – but to combat this kit for your modelling time they have brought out a very nice looking archer

Sunday, August 11

Valiant Wings are teaming up with Zoukie Mura to take horsepower to the next level..

If you have been lucky enough to get ZM’s new large scale P-51 Mustang and just don’t know where to start we have just the book for you – a title devoted to making this exact kit by an excellent model maker and published by Valliant Wings ( including profiles, walk-arounds, tips and techniques – due to hit the shelves next month..

Saturday, August 10

Squadron has three new releases likely to “bail out” some 32nd scale modellers…

Last month we looked at a very nifty little add on to your aircraft Diorama from True Details – the USAAF AN6510 parachute for WWII US aircraft – well now in addition to the three Luftwaffe ‘chutes squadron has released the RAF equivalent to the market. Not only that Avionix has brought out an excellent new radar operator’s station for your P-61 black widow – it’s a great time for 32nd scale modellers…

Friday, August 9

Yet more excellent add-ons for the Tamiya Corsair (and the hellcat) in 32nd scale from Barracuda Studios

Just in time for the USA National competition/show this weekend come a slew of new releases from Barracuda Studios – yet more large scale stuff today – and this time some well received news on the 32d scale Corsair (also for Hellcat) kit improvements…

In Review: Alpine Miniatures "Spearhead" 1/35th scale 3516 US 3rd Armored Division set.

The latest sets from Alpine Miniatures answer the prayers of many who have been braying for more allied figures – there is a set of two soldiers from the famous “spearhead” division – the US 3rd armour in 35th scale.

Thursday, August 8

Preview: Crunchy or smooth? Barracuda want to know how do you like your Tempest wheels?

No this is isn’t a peanut butter question – Roy from Barracuda Studios has brought out some new resin wheels for the latest 1/32 Tempest kits ( make that ANY Tempest in that scale) – he has given us some information and comparison images that pretty much put the older kit parts in the shade….

In Review: Peko Publishing Panzerwaffe on the Battlefield - World War Two Photobook Series Vol.IIII

Having read the latest book from PEKO Publishing on the StuG III l and the T-34 in the last few months, we were eagerly anticipating the next volumes from  this new publisher – and this one has promise – the first in a two part series of early German tanks in combat, called “Panzerwaffe on the Battlefield” – Let’s have a look…

Wednesday, August 7

.....Blown away by Verlinden's three new releases.. they have all the resin you can shoot this month

This month Verlinden releases three sets of resin accessories for your diorama battlefield – in these three sets we get to see the cause as well as the end result – read on to see what we are talking about – we have pictures of the parts and some words on what comes inside the boxes

Tuesday, August 6

From the sea comes a bad-ass bunch of Soviet sailors from Miniart and some extra weapons - just in case...

Often feared by the Germans and just as often thrown together from whomever was around to be pushed into action at the time – Soviet Naval troops none the lees served valiantly for Mother Russia during WWII. Now MiniArt – not adverse to replicating Soviet troops has released a set of good looking troops in 35th scale as well as a separate set of weapons to go along with these troops…

Monday, August 5

Built up pictures of Panda Hobby's new Object 279 in detail..

We have some interesting shots of Panda Hobby's new Object 279 built up we thought you would like to see in today's preview - it seems the race is on between the three companies making this and Panda have a great head start here with the test kit almost ready to go..

Oliver Publishing Group - Making a good case for a new book

Oliver Publishing Group
has sent us some new images of their forthcoming book on the early attacks by Hitler's panzers in the west – “Case Yellow: German Armour In The Invasion Of France, 1940” pretty much sums up what the book is about – we have some preview pages and images as well..

Sunday, August 4

AFV club’s Churchill III is on a summer holiday

AFV Club has just released some details on their new Churchill III from the Dieppe raid – though not much on paper the pictures of the built up tank from AFV are worth at least 999 words…(and try to forget that that Stuka looks like he is in support of the Mk.III)

Saturday, August 3

Stand to attention for the latest Model Military in review… along with their other new editions they have been very busy little boys...

Ampersand publishing has no at all been idle recently – their latest Allied/Axis and their  special editions of the German themed Axis/Axis books on the way out – they have paused to finish off their excellent magazine Military Miniatures in Review – we have the preview pages of No 58 for you today…

Friday, August 2

From land sea and air come Revell’s releases for this month

Revell of Germany has three interesting new kits this month – a 48th scale swift boat, a tracked “Flammenwerfer” in 72nd and the old favourite a - Sea Hurricane in 72nd scale – something for everyone? Let’s have a look see….

Thursday, August 1

"Why do you always make Germans?" Au contraire! - Four new US figure sets this month from Alpine Miniatures

Alpine Miniatures have four new products this month – two figures of Vietnam tankers in 35th scale in single and as a pair – as well as a large 16th scale US NCO from the Second World War Something different that a few people might have been waiting for – let’s have a closer look at them in our preview…