Thursday, July 31

Revell has a plethora of diverse kits coming this August...

Revell of Germany’s latest items of the months of August and September feature some really varied models due to suit a wide audience – the good thing is most of them have been built up to show us a little of their quality. Let’s have a look.

Wednesday, July 30

Review build: Nic the Cougar tamer takes on Kittyhawk’s latest

There has been a lot said about Kittyhawk kits recently. Here at TMN we have built quite a few of them and the old saying "you cant tar them all with the same brush" fits their kits perfectly. We have found that for a new company every kit's quality is on the improve, and particularly this kit of the Cougar TF-9J trainer in 48th scale which has been in the news lately – here is what our man Nic has turned out in about a week...

Monday, July 28

Andrea Press' guide of the artifacts of the Vietnam War “Grunt” in review

Andrea Press has released a few lovely tomes thoroughly doccumenting the artifacts of the German soldier, the Luftwaffe and the SS that we liked quite a lot -  this book – on the weapons, uniforms and everyday items of the Vietnam War looks to be interesting to a lot of modellers out there - but is is just pictures with nothing to tie it to the soldiers themselves? Let's see in our review....

In Review: Ampersand Publishing’s D7 Tractor – A visual History book..

Before the Doobie there was this little doozie – today we review Ampersand’s book on this hard working tool for the Allies during the second world war and afterward. The D7 Tractor…

Sunday, July 27

MiniArt are back! With the new 1/35th scale Panzer III.B due for September release...

MiniArt’s has been conspicuous by their absence lately - but they are due to return to the market in September with their best looking kit as of yet...

Alrighty then – we go British again with D-Day Miniatures latest

Today we preview the two latest figures sold separately or as a matching set in 35th scale from D-Day Miniatures – we also have an LRDG patrol to look at in 72nd scale – what do you say chaps? Let’s take a look in our preview…

Saturday, July 26

Time to reward your self – with our review of Verlinden's German General…

Verlinden’s latest release 1/16th figure is that of a Luftwaffe General awarding a soldier with one of the highest honours – let’s see if the figure gets the same type of kudos in our review…

Friday, July 25

Do you want The Ultimate Paint Rack? A great new innovation from Massive Voodoo

NO space – paints falling over, a hassle to find and a pain to store? Well we think the guys at Massive Voodoo have found the answer – a new portable paint rack solution that they have launched a kick-start campaign to get into production. They have already reached their target so if you want one get in quickly to secure yours..

A new look for your big typhoon? Eaglcals 24th scale Hawker Typhoon Part I in Review

We have been very much looking forward to the new Airfix Typhoon in 24th scale coming out – but seeing there are only so many 24th scale markings going about it would not be long till alternatives to the box decals are needed – EagleCals has answered the call – we have one of their new sheets today for review…

Wednesday, July 23

OK so a nerd built a life size X-Wing model…

This geeky bloke built a fighter from the Rebel Alliance and now he wants us to give to charity? …But seriously J.J. Abrams has just given us all a glimpse at weathering from a long time ago and a galaxy far, far away (and a chance to be in the new star wars…)

Tuesday, July 22

An Erla packed with Barracuda? Nic takes the new 32nd Revell to the next level of detail with Barracuda additions..

Having built a “Vanilla” Revell Bf-109 G-10 already for us here on TMN, top man Nic and the Belgian connection has turned out another in double quick time to compliment the first. Not only is Nic using BarracudaCals Decals this time but also he is using all of the corrections to this kit from Barracuda Studios – see how the two compare with Nic’s second G-10 in today’s build review...

Monday, July 21

Meng upgrades to a newer model - literally - the new AMX-30B2

Meng’s already established (and popular) French Main Battle Tank AMX-30 kit in 35th scale has been out for the best part of a year now – and they thought it was time to anti-up to ta newer model – must be tax time! Click on to see the preview of their latest kit – the 1/35th scale French Main Battle Tank AMX-30B2

Sunday, July 20

Gary's build of the 48th scale F-15DJ Eagle from Great Wall Hobbies - Part I

WE are so glad to have a bunch of great staff builders here on TMN - Gary Wickham being at the point of the spear - he regularly makes great models out of some so-called "unbuildable" kits...Today look on as he tackles the already very good F-15 Eagle from Great Wall Hobbies he is just about to make even better...

Thursday, July 17

AK Interactive’s June Items look to keep us busy for a while this July

The never ending stream of paint and weathering products continues with some useful tools to boot – AK Interactive’s new sets for July are in the focus in today’s preview…

Review: Verlinden Production’s Russian Tank Riders WWII in 35th scale

 After the failed Blitzkreig and the failure at Kursk the visage of the red army soldier charging into battle in full winter gear jumping off the back of tanks became the one we are accustomed to seeing. This is what Verlinden brings us in their latest release we put together today…

Wednesday, July 16

We review Millitary Miniatures in review.. in our review...

Ampersand Publishing’s own magazine – Military Miniatures in Review -is out and like buses there have been two in quick succession - today we look at number #60 in our review..

Tuesday, July 15

Gary reviews the Raspberry Ripple? It's Rhyming slang for the Jaguar from Kittyhawk in 48th scale

The two-seat Jaguar is the last in this series of Jaguars from Kittyhawk in 48th scale and Gary has made a very good review out of his kit to share with us all today...

Monday, July 14

“When Harry met the Meteor” HK Models Meteor F.4 build in 32nd scale

Recently the new HK Models 1/32nd scale Meteor IV was released to a solidly good response from the modelling community. There really weren’t that many choices for good markings for this it until recently. Inspiration and some great first-hand picture reference came to Didier Thomas when he met Sgt. Harry Saeys  - the Meteor pilot….

Sunday, July 13

We review MJ Miniatures new 1/10th bust - Tiger Ace in Normandy, 'Michael Wittmann'

They sell like hotcakes, everyone seems to be interested in them – but SS Figures and busts from WWII seem to divide modellers into enthusiastic and “not another German” camps. Well we don’t really care about the subject here – we just want to review any bust coming from MJ Miniatures Studio – let’s have a look at him and compare him to the real man - Tiger Ace in Normandy, 'Michael Wittmann’  shall we…

Saturday, July 12

Review: New rubber before you Schwimm? Replikant Technologies Schwimmwagen tyres and wheels in 35th scale..

The Volkswagen Schwimmwagen – whether it be in the VW166 short version from Tamiya/ Italeri or the longer VW128 we have just seen from AFV club they both have one thing in common – rubbish anaemic tyres that don’t really capture the look of the fat tyres often used in service. Replikant Technologies from Spain wants to fix this case of anorexia with several types of new fat tires to match the ground these amphibious vehicles frequented – let’s have a look at them…

Friday, July 11

Hasegawa’s September new items…and there are lots of ‘em..

In this preview from Hasegawa we have classic jets, classic fighters, classic warbirds, classic tankers an bombers- and a Ford…Click on to see what’s new from Hasegawa for September..

Thursday, July 10

The big Airfix Typhoon is almost here - but first a short instructional video..

Everyone has been anticipating it – and Steve Budd has gotten to build it - now Airfix gives us a sneak peak of the new 1/24th scale Typhoon in video form.. Adding to the build we previewed earlier that appeared in the Airfix Model World magazine now they have released a video of their big "Tiffie" - we are getting excited!

Build review: Jono gets Specific with his lightning from the Pacific..

The Eduard Limited edition version of the 48th scale P-38 Lightning is based on the old academy kit but it is enhanced greatly by the addition of several Brassin and Photo-etched extras which really make this kit a top notch contender - let's see how Jono's build of the kit turned out in today's build review..

Wednesday, July 9

Panzer Aces 46 goes back to the future....

Previous issues of Panzer Aces have seen World War II covered with some lovely models – Issue No# 46 of Panzer Aces features Post World War II vehicles and some of the best models on the market now. Let’s see what’s in store for us in today’s preview of the mag…

Monday, July 7

Gary gets heavily into Voodoo – in 48th scale from Kittyhawk…

The F-101A/C from Kittyhawk in 1/48th scale. A kit many modellers would want in their collections – but is this new version worth cashing in your old Monogram kits for or should you rush out an buy this new kit? You never know until someone who knows a little more than you might does a proper review of the kit – so we handed this over to someone who knew a bit more than us – Gary Wickham reviews the Voodoo in today’s news

Sunday, July 6

Hobbyboss' new armour and aircraft releases for July..

Hobbyboss has released four new kits this month - although three of them are Soviet WWII tanks there is a 1/16th T-34/85, a pre-war 1/35th T-26 and a five turreted T-35 land battleship - for the aircraft guys there is a Shooting Star to cast your wishes on..

Saturday, July 5

Review: Alpine Minature's new panzer commander figure set in 35th scale..

Hot on the Heels of their U-boat leather clad panzer commanders of last month Alpine Miniatures give us more in this rich vein by the way of two panzer commanders in all black from head to toe. Let’s have a look at this new pair of 35th scale figures in our review.

Friday, July 4

Review: Static Model Manual Volume 6 - Painting Models - Materials and methods

We were lucky enough to look at the number seven in the Static Model Manuals from Auriga Publishing last month – it showed how to best paint and weather your models and no doubt it would be a lot of help to a many modellers out there – this book – number six in the series shows you just how to apply the paint – and all of the questions you might have ever asked about the materials and methods before you start getting’ it on in the first place…

Wednesday, July 2

Review: Panther on the Battlefield from PEKO Publishing…

In today’s news we review PeKo Publishing’s latest full page pictorial on the mighty Panthers of the German armed forces in WWII… Much favoured by modellers the Panther takes centre stage with lots of pictures and info in this title. Let's take a look.

Tuesday, July 1

“Rabbit Leader, Revell MK.II take-off” - François builds the new tool 1/32nd Revell Spitfire Mk.IIa

At first we saw the new 1/32nd scale Revell Spitfire Mk.IIa coming out and though “new money for old rope” but the kit has many surprised at the quality and features of this kit. Int he spirit of “a build is the best review” our man from Belgium François Laloux built this lovely Revell Spitfire Mk.IIa in to show you just how she goes together.