Saturday, May 31

Gustav’s Bazookas: Eduard Model Accessories WGr.21 rockets for the Bf 109G in Review

For the longest time the only way you could add a Wg.21 Rocket to your 32nd scale fighter was to painstakingly make one yourself from scratch. Well Eduard has seen the need for this bomber busting weapon on the new Bf-109 – and we thought it prudent to see how it fitted to the new Revell Bf-109 kit’s wing in our construction review.

Friday, May 30

Wings Cockpit Figures give us more WWII Cockpit figures in 1/32nd for our favorite ‘planes...

Wings Cockpit Figures launched last year with a great bunch of much needed 1/32nd scale WWI aircraft related figures. We had a look at them and though it only prudent to show you their latest Second World War sets just recently released…

Exit hole only: Gary Reviews the EduardBrassin MiG-21PF/ PFM Exhaust Nozzle

After looking at most if not all of the extra sets for the MiG-21 series for us here at TMN. We look at this new set of MiG-21 PFM Exhaust nozzles under the Brassin banner for Eduard. Always a decent read, this is another good review from Gary.

Wednesday, May 28

They just want to be left alone… two new figures from D-Day Miniatures who don’t want visitors…

We had a look at Pavel’s other Bren Gun toting figures in our recent preview for D-Day Miniatures – but now we see some action as this Tommy gunner and his officer deal out the pain – I guess they don’t like cold-callers at their door?

Tuesday, May 27

Review: “Static Model Manual Volume 7 Painting Models” (Hang on - help is on the way)

I have a hankering there are a lot of modellers out there who need help!  – Help with painting and finishing their model kits that is! Today we review a book that just might help get you over this need for assistance you might feel – hey we might learn something as well. Let’s have a look at “Static Model Manual Volume - 7 Painting Models “….

Monday, May 26

We peer through the haze into Panzerwrecks' third Duel in the Mist

This month Panzerwrecks have produced their third in the popular series of “Duel in the Mist” trilogy – with many not before seen photographs in a large format and typically informative text and maps we thought you needed a review so you could see a little close into the mist...

Not only is TANKART III ready to roll – TA 4,5 & 6 + Airplane art and Constructart too? Let’s have a look at what RSP has coming soon…

Anticipation has peaked, the readers are ready to soak in the knowledge – and the models are ready to be painted weathered and finished – let’s look at the improvements coming our way in TankArt III and some other surprises to come from Rinaldi Studio Press

Sunday, May 25

I need to clear the workbench... Quick - load me up with new "Ammo"

New “Ammo” from Mig Jimenez to stock up your work bench with new items from his ever widening range. We have some burnishing fluid, some new paint sets and even something to keep your desk a little tidier to show you in today’s preview..

Saturday, May 24

Pegaso’s new elf comes out with the knight

 The lauded company Pegaso has brought out two new warriors we thought we would show you for their May releases – one a knight of a secret order and the other who hunts in the forest at night..

Friday, May 23

Alpine Miniatures is back in black... Review of the 1/35th scale SS Panzer Commander set

Alpine Miniatures has gone hell bent for leather with their new set of 1/35th SS Panzer commanders for us as  we examine, construct, review and talk a little bit about how tankers ended up in U-boat uniforms in WWII..

Review: D-Day doles out some TLC to the troops this month with their 1/35th German soldier and nurse set...

D-Day Miniature Studio has  been busy at work recently – with not only German and British troops in 35th scale but now a nurse and here patient in this – the latest set (and individual) release, let’s have a look in our review…

Thursday, May 22

Review: Eduard’s MiG-29 9-13 F.O.D. and Ladder in 1/48th scale

Eduard keeps on helping us improve our model kits by adding updated and improved details in photo etch and resin. Our man Gary keeps on doing some great reviews of these parts - Today he looks at a good way to improve his Great wall Hobby MiG-29 in 48th scale with new FOD covers and an aircrew ladder. See what he thought in today’s review…

Wednesday, May 21

Review: Life Miniature's new bust - "Monty" bust in 1/9th scale

Today we are lucky enough to review the new bust from Sang Eon Lee’s company Life Miniatures – This one features the man who saved the Allies in Africa and many other theatres of the war (depending who you talk to) 'Bernard Law Montgomery'

Review: Panzerwrecks 16: “Bulge” - This bulge was more than we expected...

Issue sixteen of Panzerwrecks sees the “Battle of the Bulge” covered. All familiar territory from a well-established publishing house you might expect – Old dogs can sometimes have new tricks - something i learnt myself after I settled in for a read…

Tuesday, May 20

Dragon Models 53RD Shizuoka Hobby Show Report 2014

Dragon have been an active participant at the Shizuoka Hobby Show in 2014 – and we have some pictures of the latest of the Dragon kits on their stand this year..

Monday, May 19

A great Looking Mig-21 PFM Needs a good cockpit and pilot - we couln't help with the pilot but we could help with the Mig-21 PFM Brassin cockpit review

Gary is a bit of a man to ask when it comes to the Eduard Mig-21. He has built the lovely kit and has reviewed a few of the variantes here in on TMN - Today he takes the most in-depth review we have seen on the Brassin Interior set of the Mig-21 PFM in 48th scale with lots of reference pictures. It's a great read

Saturday, May 17

Fancy a bit of swinging? Well Nic does – though only with the wings on his model kits… Review of Revell's new 48th scale Tornado

Today our man in Belgium Nic takes a look at Revell’s new tremendous Tornado: Revell’s new  1/48th scale kit in his review

Six new new periodicals from Ampersand Publishing give you no excuse not to improve your reading skills!!

Crazyness at Ampersand Publishing as they shoot out SIX new publications in May/June – they are calling it their BOOK-A-PALOOZA – let’s have a look at all that is on offer…

HK Models Do 335 - Seems the Arrow is now a B-2 is now up-gunned and up armoured...

More on the imminent horizon from HK Models, we have already posted pictures of the test shot of the new 1/32nd scale Dornier Do 335 Pfeil ("Arrow"). but now we have added pictures of the (correct) CAD shots for the now mooted B-2 Destroyer version of the kit that is first up from HK as well as some real life comparisons...

Friday, May 16

Zoukei Mura’s new 32nd scale Horten is making some “clear” progress..

The new 1/32nd Horten Ho 229 kit from Zoukei Mura is still in development and we have some of the photos of the development of this kit in clear form from that is maybe in the works maybe not – let’s have a look at some of the info from their old man blog..

Thursday, May 15

Verlinden’s 3 new items for May2014 kick the door down of your local hobby shop..

Verlinden’s three new kits for May capture the imagination – There is a large scale German Luftwaffe general inspecting a medal – some WWII soviet tank riders as well as two Modern US Soldiers forcing their way into a suspected enemy house. Let’s have a look.

Tuesday, May 13

Benchtop Tool Review: RP TOOLZ hexagonal punch and die set

There are plenty of hole punch tools out there – but they are mostly hard to get and expensive and especially in the shape of a hexagon!  Enter new company RP TOOLZ who are supplying several new modelling tools for us to test out to see if they are up to the standards of our other prized punch sets.

Monday, May 12

AC Models 1/32nd scale WWII B-25 Mitchell crew -ready to take off in our review

Modellers have been crying out for more aircraft crew in 1/32nd scale – and the call is slowly being answered. Pilots and a crewman here and there – but then the large scale bombers arrive! Lucky for us AC models have a new 32nd scale full crew of six for the B-25 that we have built up today in our review…

Italeri has four updated kits to tempt you in May….

Italeri has been busy as usual – with four new releases - some with updated moulds some with new decals to show you this month. They should be hitting your hobby shops soon but we thought we would show you the box contents before you leave your den…  

Saturday, May 10

Illawarra Plastic Modellers' Association (IPMA) show galleries - Part III - Tanks trucks and troops

We have some nice galleries from the annual New South Wales Scale Model Competition hosted by the Illawarra Plastic Modellers' Association (IPMA) near Wollongong in Australia. This state competition saw some lovely models and we have the third of three galleries for you today in the news…Today the military models of the show

Strap yourself in – we are reviewing four new P-40 seats in 48th scale from Ultracast…

How are you seated - Comfortable? Could you have a better seat for your cockpit of your P-40? There is always room for improvement as we all know, and Ultracast from Canada have sent their four new replacement seats and harnesses for us to review. Let’s see how comfortable they make us...

Thursday, May 8

Look what just blew in – a bleedin’ Whirlwhind!

Today we give you the release details of  Valiant Wings new title – “Westland Whirlwind-A Detailed Guide To The RAF’s Twin-engine Fighter” it is their new book in the  Airframe Album No.4  series – and we have some pre-order discount info and another good reason to have a look) - So let’s do that…

Illawarra Plastic Modellers' Association (IPMA) show galleries - Part II - Aircraft

We have some nice galleries from the annual New South Wales Scale Model Competition hosted by the Illawarra Plastic Modellers' Association (IPMA) near Wollongong in Australia. This state competition saw some lovely models and we have the second of three galleries for you today in the news…

Wednesday, May 7

Gary reviews the new FABRIC Remove Before Flight tags in 1/48th scale from Eduard

Gary has a need – a need for speed – but before he takes off he always removes his “Remove before flight” tag – and today he looks at the latest in removable cloth from Eduard with their special fabric tags in 48th scale

Tuesday, May 6

Hobbyboss are following the rule of threes with their trio of new releases

Hobbyboss have released three new and sure to be popular kits this month from land sea and air – they should be in your local hobby shop soon – we thought we would show you some sprue shots of their new ME262, T-37 tank and the USS Iwo Jima kits…

Illawarra Plastic Modellers' Association (IPMA) show galleries - Part I Figures, sci-fi & land,sea and “other” transport

We have some nice galleries from the annual New South Wales Scale Model Competition hosted by the Illawarra Plastic Modellers' Association (IPMA) near Wollongong in Australia. This state competition saw some lovely models and we have the first of three galleries for you today in the news…

Monday, May 5

If you Must have a new 48th scale F-86K Sabre then the review of this kit might be for you....

The new company called Musthave! has surprised us with this new kit of the much loved F-86K NATO version of the Sabre - Our friends at the Scale Plastic Aircraft Modeller have sent us their review of this new kit - and as sharing is caring we thought we would show you what they thought of it..