Monday, July 30

Valiant Wings Publications new series “Airframe Album” featuring Luftwaffe's ultimate nightfighter, the He 219 'Uhu'” Preview

With the two new kit sin 1/32 of the Heinkel He 219 nightfighter on the way and due for landing on your desktop soon Valiant Wings are right on time with their new companion publication “Airframe Album” featuring Luftwaffe's ultimate nightfighter, the He 219 'Uhu.'” We have some information and the cover image and details of the pre order for you as well – read on to see more….

Saturday, July 28

Constructed, engine, sprue shots & markings of the new KittyHawk F-35B in 1/48th scale

 Still more details on the F-35B in 1/48th from Kitty Hawk  have arrived – this time pictures of the final construction result minus paint and the engine fan being and bomb bays in place - These adding to the pictures of what comes in the box and the decal and markings to give you a feel for the aircraft you will be getting..

Need some help with close up work but feeling old in the eyes?? Let Shesto cast some light on the subject.

When – like me – you are getting a bit long in the false teeth and the eyes aren’t working so well you have a few choices – get some thick glasses, or an optivisor or one of these – Shesto's Long Reach Magnifier Lamp Daylight LED. Let’s “look closer”

Friday, July 27

Ruined building in 1/35th? MiniArt have something right up your demolished alley…

MiniArt does – not –stop-making news - kits - I-want!
They have just released the latest in their set of 35th scale diorama series Vac-form and injection moulded kits – This time we have a smaller piece of a ruined archway and building – small but pretty well formed as you can see in our preview…

Thursday, July 26

Osprey Publishing's newest arrivals in their July newsletter

This month Osprey has some really great titles out to entertain and enlighten you – the mix is there to keep everyone happy – from the aircraft enthusiast to the military gamer to the historian from Napoleonic times to the modern day battlefield as a combat medic – you are covered with these books – have a look to see more…

A book and a Bust – Man-Jin Kim hits the ground running with his new company

We know Man-Jin Kim from a lot of the amazing model box artwork he does for companies like Alpine Miniatures - well it seems he has now taken the bit between the teeth and started his own company called ST Models – And we have some news on the promising company’s first two projects…

Wednesday, July 25

Micro Wings for Micro cash from Revell

OK OK I ramble on and on about large scale full-on technically complex kits with lots of parts, but here today are my new favourite models – if I was to measure the reasons why I like them so much in pence and there would be 199 reasons why they are my new favourite kits…

Tuesday, July 24

MiniArt 36045 1/35th Norman Street review

MiniArt have sent us a their kit of the latest 1/35th scale diorama in their series “Normandy Street” which has two tall buildings for a D-day (or + a few) diorama base. We investigate what comes in the box in our review…

Monday, July 23

Saumur Carrousel Cavalry and AFV show 2012

Every year in the Loire valley in France there is a world famous event that I had never even heard of before! (How ignorant I felt) I decided this year to visit the show called simply the Carrousel. This event is one of the world’s premier military shows that highlight the horsemanship of the soldiers and their wonderful steeds of the national riding school in conjunction with the restored armoured vehicles from the local Musee des Blindes – this year the event was held on the Friday 20th and Saturday 21st July 2012 – we took many pictures but pared them down to this bunch for you to feast your eyes on…

Sunday, July 22

Swedish subsonic spear – the Tarangus 1/48th Scale SAAB A32 Lansen A Pt. II

The second part of this Tarangus SAAB Lansen build from Eth and this kit which looked a bit basic is starting to turn into something with potential – today Eth takes us through the major construction of the fuselage and how to fix any problems that occurred along the way. The promise of this kit is developing!

Thursday, July 19

New from Tatamiya! The glorious leader in 1/35th scale!

Yes you heard it right! TATAMIYA are releasing their first kit by the look of it!
We don't have any more information on this little man as yet – but as soon as we do we can give it to you! He does need some other companions cos he looks so “ronery” by himself. (Jokes people) - Have a great day guys!

Wednesday, July 18

Addons that dont look at all like they are add-ons.....

AddOn Parts has released news of their latest products to be released this month ( and a few from last month we thought we would throw in that we liked as well) These guys for those who don't know, make quality “add-ons” for your fave kits and diorama sets in resin and plaster and the detail is something that many other model houses cannot seem to match – click on below to see more of what they are doing this month..

Tuesday, July 17

MiniArt 35126 1/35th “U.S. Tank Crew” Review

MiniArt has released a bunch of figure sets this month for armoured fighting vehicles and we have the first of a few to review and show you more in depth what they are made of. Read on to see this set of a 1/35 US Tank Crew and whether you would want them in your Sherman diorama or not.

Monday, July 16

Farnborough Airshow 2012 gallery

Last weekend just passed we had the opportunity to go to the excellent bi-annual Farnborough Air Show in the south of England, and although the weather didn’t fail to show up (hey what do you expect in summer?) the aircraft didn’t fail to make an appearance as well – we have just a fraction of the pictures we took on the Saturday here for you in this gallery… ohh and double click these for large image sizes!

Sunday, July 15

Zotz 1/72 B-25J Mitchell at War Pt. I Reviewed

We have already looked at this sheet in 1/32 scale but we thought we would check these two sheets off against each other and check them out for all of the 1/72 scale B-25 (glass nose) kit owners out there who desperately need some nice decals for their Mitchell – so without further ado we compare and contrast Zotz Mitchell at war Pt. I

Saturday, July 14

Scale 75 get Scary........

The people at Scale 75 put out regularly some great figures – and this month is no different - From the Roman Praetorian guard soldier to two (make that three) literary characters in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as well as  Jack the ripper sculpts are up for your viewing, I can see the fog rolling in off your workbench right now….  

Thursday, July 12

Mirror Models - A perfect reflection of the real thing

A new modelling company with impeccable breeding has come into the market. Libor the proprietor of LZ Models has engaged in starting a new modelling venture as a departure in kind from his amazing resin kits – this new company is called Mirror Models – and we like what we see in their first releases….

Wednesday, July 11

Revell Routemaster Bus build Pt V - Putting on your underwear before your trousers...

..Or maybe One trouser leg at ta time – you get to a point in a build you just want to seal it all up and finish it into a great looking build - but there are things you need to do first - especially on a kit like this with LOTS of internal detail. In the last section was all about getting lots of decals on seats and lots of paint into the interior – but this part is all about getting your underclothes on before your trousers and jacket.

Tuesday, July 10

Haynes Publishing’s Messerschmitt Bf109 Owner’s Workshop Manual 1935 onwards (all Marks) Review

The list of Owner’ workshop Manuals from Haynes have been bolstered with lots of more unusual things than cars recently – we have already reviewed one manual on the Tiger I tank and the P-51 Mustang fighter and find them to be great reads and even better reference. This manual – on the Bf 109 – looks to emulate the quality of the first two books we reviewed, let’s see if it does…

Saturday, July 7

EagleCals EC#144 Stuka Ju-87B Part II in 1/32 review..

Following on from the first in this brace of decal sets for the Ju-87B/R stuka comes this alternate set from EagleCals from the USA. This time they have gone for quantity – four markings on this sheet instead of two and they are some of the more familiar colour schemes of this early-war terror of the skies – but with quantity have the kept the quality? Let’s investigate these schemes and compare them as much as we can..

Friday, July 6

MiniArt let their top down exposing some new summer colour

MiniArt has sent out new details, sprue shots and CAD images of their new (Mercedes) Type 170V Cabrio Saloon and now have sent pictures of two of these excellently detailed little cars – check out the details like the number plates and headlamps! This kit is released very soon so check here to see all about it before it tears out of the injection moulding factory!

Thursday, July 5

Bovington "Tankfest" Pt. II - The afternoon displays

In this - the second part of the gallery from the Tankfest  Armoured vehicle extravaganza on the weekend of the 30th June/1st July we got to see some pretty amazing vehicles quite literally “making tracks” – read on to see some massive beasts (and some smaller ones) in action from the show.

AMS Resin propeller, prop governor and engine casing replacement kit for the HK B-25 kit in 1/32 review

When the HK kit of the 1/32 scale B-25 came out we mentioned in our review of the kit we thought some work could be done on the propellers ad they looked a little “out” - the thing is no amount of work would really fix this – sanding and such just wouldn’t cut it – the governors and the engine housing was a little basic a well in the detail department. To the rescue comes Harold of AMS with a set of replacement resin B-25 props, engine housing and prop governors to make the detail be something you can confidently show off at the competition tables.  

Wednesday, July 4

Revell 1/32 scale He-162 “Salamander” kit re-released and re-viewed

When we heard there was a new Revell kit of the 1/32 scale Heinkel He 162 A-2 kit we were pretty eager to know whether this was a new or re-released boxing of this interesting aircraft. We have since found out that it is a re-release but that is no reason to think that this isn’t a good kit – we will investigate this model to see if it stands up to Revell’s recent releases and indeed the rest of the market…

Tuesday, July 3

Tankfest 2012 Pt I. – The first half of the show…

Tankfest 2012 – The Most Explosive Weekend In History! Or so the promo read – and really Bovington did not disappoint! With the only notable omission being the black prince (A43 Infantry tank – basically an oversized Churchill) we got to see plenty of massive vehicles go round in the ring on the weekend – a friendly show and plenty to see in the massive museum itself – three parts in all - So click on to see the first instalment!

Monday, July 2

Swedish subsonic spear – the Tarangus 1/48th Scale SAAB A32 Lansen A Pt. I - an Intro and the cockpit…

Eth gives us his unique perspective when building the new Tarangus kit of the SAAB A32A kit in 1/48th - today we look at the plane itself and get started a little on the cockpit and add some photo etch to the kit ...