Friday, August 31

B-26 Marauder Walk Around from Squadron Review

Squadron/Signal Publications have the latest in their series of Walkaround books - this time the subject is the B-26 Marauder from WWII, and now it has been just released and we thought that we would give it a read and tell you what we think as well as a few good pictures of what to expect inside – read on Marauder fans…

Thursday, August 30

MasterBox MB 3582 “Auto-Repair Crew” 1/35th scale Review

Well MasterBox brought out a set of Motorcycle repair men before. Called “MB 3560 Deutches Afrika Korps, WWII Era” it won a “model of the year” prize at the time, and unfortunately we never got to look at it. The kit included MasterBox’s excellent motorcycle sidecar kit as well. This kit however excludes the motorcycle but keeps the repairmen. If you have no need for this bike and just need German mechanics – you are in luck! We will look at them and build them up so you can see what they are all about…

Uschi van der Rosten wants to transport us to paradise to paint a Sherman

The Uschi van der Rosten website has come alive with their latest product – Do you ever remember seeing pictures of the tanks left on the tropical beaches of Flamenco Beach, Isla Culebra, Puerto Rico? After military exercises this and other tanks were left to slowly rust away - so do you remember also that people had made their own art on the side of these once fearsome beasts – which have now turned the most ornate of sand castles? Well now with the help of some friends they have made something to make your Sherman very different from the rest….

Tuesday, August 28

If you were to have just one book on the General SS… – i would like to introduce you to Andrea Press’ “Inside the Allgemeine SS 1925-1945”

Alright – it is time for one of those “no B.S. beating around the bush to keep you guessing before the conclusion”  type reviews – this book is a must have for any WWII Figure sculptor/ historian/ uniform lover/ collectables fan/SS buff/Tailor/ costume buyer/ porcelain fan/ family tree weirdo/ Occult fan.. And just generally anyone interested in the uniforms and equipment of the General SS…. Oh and anyone who just likes a good read on an interesting subject – get ready to be impressed…

Saturday, August 25

Barracuda Studios throw the jug at us with some one-off P-47 decals in 1/72nd and 48th

Barracuda Studios have been very busy!

At an action packed NATS in Orlando they launched two of their newest sets of products in their resin and decal ranges. Some 1/48th Spitfire stuff we showed you last week and now we have the privilege of showing you the decals for the P-47 Thunderbolt in 1/72 and 1/48th scales that have everyone talking. Fans of the 362nd fighter group rejoice – your time in the spotlight has come! We look at the schemes on offer and add some pictures of the real aircraft into the mix as well..

Wednesday, August 22

Time to "watch the skies!" again - as Fantastic Plastic releases some superb kits you don't see every day

Allen from Fantastic Plastic has always got some great stuff to show us when it comes to Sci-fi and just plain great modelling subjects that are often rare or not kitted at all - he has some great releases this month he has highlighted for us and we can show you right here…

Tuesday, August 21

“A-10 Thunderbolt II: 21st Century Warthog” destroys all of the opposition titles

I have long been a fan of the Thunderbolt fighter bomber and it’s ground attack prowess – this rugged aircraft with a massive punch wreaked havoc though Europe and Asia in WWII – when the newer Thunderbolt II was envisioned and entered service you could see why it took over the mantle of the king of ground attack – The massive GAU-8 Avenger cannon and ordinance load more than delivered on the design promise – and the damage the aircraft could take and remain flying definitely echoed it’s earlier namesake.
The A-10 has been in service a few decades now what we really all want as modellers is to see the current aircraft and how it has evolved – and now there is a great book on the modern Thunderbolt II – an up to date guide that has many people singing praises already for the book’s quality – we can give you some images and info on it.

Monday, August 20

RB Productions and Mike Good - what a team and what a figure they make!

Mike Good has sculpted a new 54mm (1/32) pilot for RB Productions – this Romanian pilot meets the high standards from Mike in the past we that have seen (Mölders for Alpine and The late WWII pilot for Ultracast) we will show you more and the inspiration for this pilot figure in our preview…

Saturday, August 18

Masterbox Charge into battle in September with three new diverse kits

The peeps from MasterBox have returned from summer break to give us all the news on three of their latest kits coming very soon to modelling shelves near us – Three kits as varied as they look to be well thought out – let’s have a closer look in this preview...

Friday, August 17

You want us to insert our models where? Mantis miniatures present us with two new figures – some desert critters and a fun competition…

The newest releases from Mantis Miniatures are out – some winter tank crew and tank killers – and alternatively some hot weather predators from the animal kingdom -  including a 1/35th scale scorpion ( Tiny - But NOT cute!)
If this isn’t enough Mantis now have a competition running with some great prizes - all you have to do is insert their models into a diorama – more in our preview..

Thursday, August 16

A sad announcement - Hawkeyes Hobbies has ceased trading

 Gerald "Hawkeye" Voigt – the voice of The Plastic Scale Modelling Hour and the owner of Hawkeye's Hobbies has just announced he will wrap up the Hawkeye’s Hobbies and sales of its products indefinitely. Click on for the announcement from the man himself..

One in Fifty doesn't sound like good odds – but you COULD own one of the fifty of these figures from Miniature Fortes - if you are fast!

Diego Fortes has been for a long time as a well-known sculptor for commissions and collectors who are lucky enough to have their hands on one of his creations – well now he has his own Artisan project – selling very limited amounts of figures of the lucky few enough to be quick to pick them up – it is called Miniatures Fortes

Wednesday, August 15

MiniArt’s 3 new buildings – a small scale castle or a large scale outhouse?

MiniArt wants to know - Would you rather a castle for your workbench or a workshop in small scale? Dilemmas hey? Well we have just these two and an interesting new “pre coloured” kit from this Ukrainian company that keeps on coming with great ideas – click on to see more on three new buildings from them…

Tuesday, August 14

August Photo Etched kits of the month from Eduard up the anti for your kit making...

Right – you thought you had gone as far as you could didn’t you? You thought – “This is the best I can make it!” but I think maybe you should take a look at Eduard’s latest goodies in Photo Etched corrections and add-ons – they may change your mind -  Back to the drawing board!

Monday, August 13

Revel in the new releases from Revell this month

Revell of Germany have lots of exciting new releases to tempt us over the next few months – from all – and I mean ALL – genres of modelling they have provided us with new and old – and re-tooled models of ships, planes, cars and trucks and military aircraft and vehicles – there is sure to be something to tempt even the most picky modellers in amongst us! Read on to be tempted.

Sunday, August 12

MiniArt 35135 1/35th “Close Combat U.S. Tank Crew” Review

MiniArt has released a bunch of figure sets this month for armoured fighting vehicles and we have second in the series of US tank crews – this time a dynamic looking set of tankers who look like they are outside the vehicle fighting to escape the battlefield – let’s look at the parts in our review...

Saturday, August 11

Great Wall Hobbies go from infinity to beyond!

Great Wall Hobbies have gone from land and military based kits to their excellent series in 1/48 of aircraft - and now they are aiming for the heavens! Their new kit is in Space! Well it will be at your hobby shop soon – it is a 1/48th kit of the Chinese Space Lab Module Tiangong-1 & Shenzhou-8 Spacecraft!

Thursday, August 9

Barracuda Studios Latest - Just in time for the NATS!

BarracudaStudios have just released a batch of great add-ons for the Spit fans in 48th scale - just in time for the NATS in Orlando Roy will be there himself to twist your arm and sell ‘em to you! The 6 new products are now up on the website and ready for pre-order for those of you who aren’t able to come and see him in person – and we have all the links and pics...

Tuesday, August 7

Ampersand Publishing are having a great little sale at the US Nats this year..

Going to the US Nats in Disney land this year? If so go by the Ampersand Publishing stand and you will find all of their back issues at a pretty darn good value of $5! Their new isues will be pretty well reduced in price as well so who said no bargains to be had at modelling shows ? Read on for the "T's & C's..

Luftwaffe Im Focus Edition No. 20 Review

Luftwaffe im Focus time again! - And as we have read it cover to cover we thought we would show you one of the best quarterly pictorial periodicals on the market today. This – the 20th-anniversary edition promises more colour pictures and more pages for the same price – so let’s have a look at what is in this special issue…

Monday, August 6

Superscale's new colours for August - sharks,skulls and celebrations...

Latest in the smart decal choices from SuperScale decals are two sheets –both in 48th – one of the famous Tomahawk and one of the just as cool Trojan in Bicentennial markings – check them out if you are in need of new colours for your kit…

Sunday, August 5

Life Miniatures release Joachim Peiper bust in 1/10 scale

 Sang-Eon Lee’s new company Life Miniatures has releases a photo-realistic large scale (1/10th) bust of the controversial figure of Joachim "Jochen" Peiper. SS man and tank commander – the man trialed and convicted for the “Malmédy Massacre”. Well we will cut past these other considerations and show you this bust bare and also with some pictures - l ike the one i found (above), and as a treat we will see the completed bust – painted by Sang-Eon Lee himself…

Thursday, August 2

A trio of Panzer tankers from Stalingrad looking for a good home....

Brand new from Russian figure makers Stalingrad we have a great set of three German Panzer Crew from WWII that fir a 1/35th scale Panzer IV – Almost like they were made FOR it - Hmmmmmm….?

Ampersand show off their latest periodicals early

Ampersand Publishing has two of their regular releases due for this month and we have the “dope” on both of them (in high quality shots so you can see what's crackin')…

Wednesday, August 1

Duxford Flying Legends 30 June – 1 July 2012 gallery

So we nearly forgot to show you this! The pics from the recent “Flying Legends” show at Duxford in Cambridge in England last month (2012) The newest of “The Fighter Collection’s” aircraft – the much repaired and re-worked Republic P-47G Thunderbolt 42-25068 'Snafu' took to the air to thrill the crowds and it was very popular indeed -  as were all of the aircraft on a very busy weekend! Click on to see the gallery and some words on the day itself…