Saturday, November 30

1/35th scale Takom Object 279 Build Review

If it doesn't rain it pours … this– the "Object 279" from Takom is the second kitting of this type we have seen in the last few months. Let’s have a nice look at this all new tool super heavy AFV and put her together to see just how different she is…

Friday, November 29

Kagero's "Units: 5" - JG 2. “Richthofen” reviewed...

Kagero’s “Units” series continues with a great subject - the unit of Jagdgeschwader 2 “Richthofen” - this grouppe had many aces and served right throughout the Second World War in several different types – so lot of choices for the three scales of decals which accompany them! Let’s look deeper in our review

Christmas with Andrea Miniatures - a new figure and some great reading to be done…

You can pretend you are making and painting this model of Santa and the child as a Christmas decoration? And if that doesn’t cut it as an excuse you can sink into a chair in the corner with your brilliant new boo of thirty years of Andrea History – or if not that there is a brand new Figure International coming….

Wednesday, November 27

The British Invasion is here again – courtesy of Barracuda Studios

Anyone who has been following Roy from Barracuda Studios in recent history will know that he really “fancies” British aircraft. Well he has made good on his passions with this – his latest conversions and corrections from the Spitfire and Westland whirlwind…

Bound not to be the last Starfighter - plus three other very good releases from Italeri this month…

This month Italeri restores some faith with some better pictures of their new Starfighter – it may still be all we hoped! Along with a re-issued Dodge that modellers will snap up, a tiny helicopter in small scale and THE most gaudy F-16 you will ever see ( still cool tho)

Tuesday, November 26

Abrams Squad’s third edition is here - we read it and show you what’s inside.

With all of these modern AFV’s on the market recently we never realized there was not a magazine out there that focused solely on modern armour and military – But apparently there is - Abrams Squad: The Modern Modelling Magazine is published by PLA Editions and purports to be the FIRST magazine in the world devoted to Modern Warfare modelling – but how does it compare to other magazines in the market?

Monday, November 25

Meng Models 1/35 scale U.S. Infantry Fighting Vehicle M2A3 Bradley (w/BUSK III) - Preview

Meng continue on their crusade to bring us more from the modern battlefield with their latest kit – the controversial but very handy (1/35th scale) M2A3 Bradley  - With BUSK III of course!

When Alpine Miniatures has a tenth birthday we all get presents!!

Alpine Miniatures - the market leader at the very forefront of high quality and innovation in miniatures in 35th and 16th scale figures has just had their 10th anniversary. To celebrate turning ten they have released a very special limited edition anniversary set as well as three other cracking figures for us this month.

Sunday, November 24

All we want for Christmas is..Kagero Latest titles for December…

Kagero go exclusively Axis on us with their newest books – from both the land and sea they give us titles on the deadliest these axis powers could offer…

A sneak peak at Peko's latest tittle on the Panzerwaffe...

Released from Today is the new Peko Publishing book – the fourth in their "World War Two Photobook Series” and their second look at the Sturmgeschütz III and Sturmhaubitze 42 in German service. We thought you would like t see some preview pages…

Friday, November 22

And now there are THREE! The F-104G in 32nd scale announced by AFV Club..

Just when you thought there were only two games in town for a 32nd scale F-104 Starfighter there are now THREE! Rejoice and be happy for AFV club and their Starfighter in 32nd scale

Verlinden's dinner under the stars is joined by two untidy tankmen and a SEAL this month..

This month Verlinden goes deep into the Jungle in Vietnam in “large scale” operations, they get to work on their panzer garage with tools and equipment strewn everywhere and they stop for a well-earned dinner – but dressed as allies this time…

Thursday, November 21

MJ Miniatures German Gebirgsjäger in WW2 review

Man-Jin Kim is known as one of the best figure painters in the business, his works with Alpine Miniatures and his own company ST Miniatures are examples of his skill. MJ has gone out completely on his own now – starting a company by himself called "MJ Miniatures" we like the name of the new “biz”– but would we like his first figure??

Wednesday, November 20

Stalingrad bring out their warmly dressed Soviet soldiers fighting not just the Germans but cold and hunger!

Just when you thought all the good sculptors came from Korea Stalingrad Miniatures reminds us of the quality coming from Russia. It is the cold Eastern front experience that is the focus for the newest range of figures from Stalingrad. This time with his very personalized style of sculpting figures we see Russian soldiers at rest and looking after the next generation.

Two updated classic and a new periodical from ampersand incoming!!

The lovely peeps at Ampersand Publishing have taken it upon themselves to update with all new extras the Dragon wagon and High speed tractor versions of their Visual History Series titles and one of if not my favorite periodicals MMiR gets a preview today with PLENTY of pictures as well..

Tuesday, November 19

Looks like Mantis Miniatures has a Pussy Riot on their hands… well as some other very nice sculpts in this month’s new releases – some GI’s on the road, Their weapons and kit bags to go with them, some German head turners and a cat apocalypse await you in November’s items..

Uschi‘s internals are on display – and they are rather “woody” lookin’

Did you by happenstance see the build of the HK B-17G by David Parker of AIR Modeller Magazine? It used Uschi Van Der Rosten’s Woodgrain decals to simulate the real thing on the floor and some other surfaces of this large kit. Now in a logical turn of events Uschi has boxed up a set just for this purpose….

Sunday, November 17

Bronco make tracks - and four other kits up for us to show you their quality

Bronco have built up four of their latest releases so we can better see their quality - what better to do on a lazy sunday than check them out?

Saturday, November 16

Revell’s fresh new items “spring” to life

Revell has announced some of next year’s spring releases in plastic for you to eagerly anticipate. these is a broad spectrum of new and some re-releases but we decided to show you the widest spectrum stuff coming our way in the next few months.

Kittyhawk’s second Dauphin comes out to play…and we have new sprue shots and a new built up version to show you..

The Military version of the Daulphin II in 1/48th scale is next on Kittyhawk’s hit list of naval helicopters – and we have the newest shots of the second test kit built up. It is getting several modellers pretty excited…

Friday, November 15

Updated update: MiniArt give us pictures of thier latest much anticipated European Tram

MiniArt have sent the latest shots from their forthcoming European Tram kit in 35th scale for us to drool over – the fact that they have made this means they are really listening to model makers and diorama guys out there. We have some great new built up shots from Miniart in today’s preview..

Thursday, November 14

Bronco 1/35th scale WW2 British Field Accessories Set in review and construction...

Need some new mess tin Ghunga-Din? Want a “Jerry can” close at hand? Like a “flimsy” to use at your whimsy? Well Bronco has just such a set in 35th scale injection moulded plastic for you and we thought we would put it together to see what it is like.

Wednesday, November 13

Nürnberg's Panzer Factory from Panzerwrecks available for pre-order today…

All of those amazing “Panzerwerk” dioramas of large tanks being built and repaired – in design and development and in decline at the end of the war – they make for some lovely set pieces. Modellers just cannot get enough inspiration when it comes this this material so why not get this from the best in the business? The guys from Panzerwrecks team up with Authors MacDougall and Neely to bring you their latest opus about Nürnberg's Panzer Factory…

Tuesday, November 12

Almost time to pounce on your very own Leopard from MENG

The German leopard I was once thought to be the world’s premier main battle tank. Meng have kitted it in 35th scale and after showing you the parts form the Japanese show last month we thought as an extra teaser they thought it would be nice to show you all of the features of this their latest heavyweight….

Verlinden 1/35th scale 2776 “Camping Grounds: Germany WWII Tankers.” Review…

DO you bore of long cold days in your 35th scale tank staring at things in the distance and maybe pointing at the horizon? Fancy something a little different in your German tanker set? What about some a nice dinner al-fresco? Verlinden has something on their menu you may like…

Monday, November 11

Now with added unboxing video showing you exactly what is in the kit Andrea Miniatures Tank Fight on the Western Front, 1916 .

We have added a video preview to our pictures and background story of the single tank being set to by German forces on the Western front it WWII - the unboxing video shows you exactly what you do get for your money...

Alpine Miniatures 35162 US Tanker Vietnam War Set (1/35) in review

Alpine takes a worthy detour from the regular WWII figures this month with a pair of Vietnam tank crew – both riding their vehicles – sold as a set and individually

Sunday, November 10

A French beast to put the FT “in the corner” – Takom’s new St. Charmond heavy assault tank in 1/35th..

Only available previously in 35th scale in (pretty expensive) resin kit – Takom have announced their second 1/35 scale kit and it is another monster from WWI – the French Heavy St.Chamond Assault Tank