Friday, October 31

More AMMO as Mig brings new colours and texts to your workbench

New German interiors, Japanese and Russian colours, tiny wargaming colours with useful texts showing us plenty of Russian frontage some British shades and and afghan adventure await you in the latest gear from AMMO.

Thursday, October 30

Build review Zoukei-Mura's 1/32nd scale Horten Ho 229 Pt III: The frame of the plane...

In the quest to build out Zoukei-Mura Horten Ho 229 we have already set of with the engines and in keeping with ticking to the instructions – well we kind of did – today we look at the birdcage – the frame and wings of this bat-like creature of the skies.

Wednesday, October 29

Review: Bronco’s 1/35th scale World War II British Airborne Weapon and equipment Set

We sense a massive British paratrooper diorama in the offing – with Bronco models already making new models of 6 pounders, jeeps, several parras and weapons and a Horsa glider on the way we see the need for some stowage and weapon paraphernalia and guess what? Bronco are now offering that as well – we thought we would build it all up for you in our review.

Tuesday, October 28

Zoukei-Mura Horten Ho 229 Build review Pt II – Building up the power...

Building what looks like such a complex kit in a short period of time to meet high standards is no mean feat whatever you are making – but looking at the almost complete facsimile of an aircraft that we have in Zoukei-Mura’s new Ho 229 kit in 32nd scale and thinking it’s going to be a walk in the park is optimistic at best – but hey we might have fun getting there! Let’s start building it with the engines in today’s build section.

Monday, October 27

We make tracks the easy way with a tadpole and two mini vans and the hint of a Hermaphrodite??

Takom are fast turning into a bit of a company to watch. Detailed but easy to make kits with a choice in subjects that is very smart this company has our attention. Their new T3 Transporter and Tadpole kits are being released this month and we had some info for you

Sunday, October 26

Zoukei-Mura clears all competition with their new Horten Ho 229 in 1/32nd scale

Today we start off in a several part build of the new 1/32nd Horten Ho 229 kit from Zoukei-Mura. Released for sale today this kit and a few extra parts have been the focus of quite a few modellers in love with the bat-wing shape. We will look at what is in the box today, then build it over the next week to show you just how to get the best out of this new kit.

Saturday, October 25

Masterbox’s nice new November novelties are near...

Although they have been low key recently Masterbox still continue to churn out new kits that will keep modellers at their desks through a long cold northern winter (or summer if you are on the other end) - three new kits for November release…

Friday, October 24

We get a look at Panzer aces 47 – we preview the scratchbuilders special…

After a competition to pic the cover picture (I picked the other one alas) they guys at Panzer aces bring you a “special” based on vehicles that have been scratchbuilt. An art in itself scratch building is for the best modellers amongst us or those with a lot of spare time and it is always interesting to see what they come up with in comparison to the best new kits out there. Let’s have a look at what they have made in this – issue 47…

Thursday, October 23

Halleluiah! Bronco’s two new kits will answer some prayers..

Bronco helps us count our blessings with two new kit releases planned for release soon – a long awaited Russian big truck the early Zil 131 as well as some soldiers in need of a savior – all in today’s preview..

Wednesday, October 22

Takom gets all late WWI on us with their new St.Chamond in our review.

Takom bring us a second St. Chamond First World War tank to bring your collection of Chamonds to two – this is the later version with the revised upper hull section devised to work against grenades on the roof – let’s have a look at the kit and what’s different with this release.

Tuesday, October 21

Review: We get stuck into Ampersand Publishing’s “Big Macks”

Big Macks – most of us do not understand the need for a “K” in that name – indeed let’s look at the REAL Big Macks in today’s review from Ampersand Publishing

Monday, October 20

Meng’s new Scud B looks like it wants to wipe out all opposition - new CADs to add to what we already have...

MENG releasing the 1/35 Russian 9K72 Scud-B Mobile Tactical Missile System seemed like a bit of a pipedream a little while ago – but in the last month It has indeed been announced as well as the Scud C from Trumpeter so it seems the fight for tactical supremacy is now on! We have some great new pictures of the kit in near lifelike CAD that almost smells like plastic pointing out all the features of this anticipated kit.

A new large scale MTB a trainer a tanker and a Duck? All new from Italeri...

Italeri has revealed the reason they were making MTB crews – also a large Stratotanker a Harvard from many nations and a British duck – we have some images of the kits as sprues and some built up for you in today’s preview…

Sunday, October 19

HK Models 1/32 Meteor given the stamp of approval by it’s former pilot!

Not many model makers get a chance to become properly connected with the people that flew the aircraft originally. Didier Thomas made the HK Models Meteor MKIV recently in 2nd scale and he has had some contact with the original pilot of his Meteor – Luckilly for us cameras were on hand to experience the meeting in an interesting story…

Saturday, October 18

Review: Panzerwrecks 17 takes us back to Normandy for Round III

Rich pickings and a lot of material to choose from – the German armour on the battlefields of Normandy are of course right up there on WWII enthusiasts and modellers list of wants. This is why Panzerwrecks sees it fit to put out another book on this part of the war – let’s see if they are pushing it to thin or just  scratching the surface.

Friday, October 17

Pegaso’s October releases have a score to settle with each other..

Fresh back from Pegaso’s stand at the Euro Millitaire in Folkestone this figure company hasn’t rested since – three new 24th scale (75mm) figures have been released this month – we thought we would give you a look at them in today’s preview…

Thursday, October 16

Verlinden has re-released some precious hard to find goodies for those who might have missed out...

Verlinden thinks it is time to see what you might have been missing out on – October’s latest features a few things you may or not be familiar with already - but all of them are newly cast and in stock after not being available for a long time. Let’s have a look…

Meng attacks a Leopard A-I with their latest release..

Although it didn’t see active war duty with the German armed forces the Leopard 1 MBT still had a great deal to do protecting the frontier in the height of the cold war and beyond. MENG has added this variant to their list of Leopards to fill the void for those big cat completists out there…

Wednesday, October 15

Takom WWI British Mk.IV Male – Part 2, Paint and Finishing. (The part in which Clayton gets dirty with a Male)

Just recently we have seen a few WWI tanks in 35th scale enter the market – a few of them even built up intrepid people called modellers! What we have not seen so far is quite enough mud and dust to go along with a vehicle who’s main job was to fjord muddy trenches and shell holes – Clayton gets dirty with his Takom MKIV male in 35th scale in pt.II of this build.

Tuesday, October 14

Pretty in Pink Buccaneer, Vintage Style Revell's 1/72nd scale “Buccaneer S Mk. 2B” review

When an older kit is rereleased it is a good chance to look back nostalgically on your childhood and the fact that you might have already bought this kit when you were a kid? We have the new Buccaneer S Mk.2B kit in 72nd scale from Revell and it gives us a chance to look back on our past in today’s review.

Monday, October 13

Review: The Forgotten Ace, The Fighter Pilot Gerhard Barkhorn from Luftfahrtverlag-Start

Most of us modellers and armchair experten will know of the high scoring ace Gerhard Barkhorn – though many non-modellers may have the familiarity of this multiple ace of many fronts of WWII. Luftfahrtverlag-Start and Bernd Barbas are set to remedy that with their latest book which follows his life and tries to shed some light on this somewhat overshadowed ace of WWII

Friday, October 10

A Damp Dutchie or a dirty Deutche? If you have a Fennek in your Future you might want to read this review..

The newest scout recon vehicle for the Dutch and German armies is the very cool looking “Fennek” – Trumpeter made it in 35th scale but it being so new not many people know how to model it well – Pla Editions who make the Abrams Squad magazines have made a special edition on modelling this new vehicle so you can get the best out of it – let’s have a look…

Thursday, October 9

Go on Guess what scale these are in? FlyhawkModel’s new FT-17 tank "riveted turret" build review

A pair of Renault FT-17’s in one box from new model company called Flyhawk? PE and the choice of two gun types? Brilliant details and Photo etch included? Hang on 1/72nd scale??

Wednesday, October 8

AK Goes all metal with new paint and books helping you to get the shades you need this October

AK Interactive has just released a great new range of paint for German and Allied crew and vehicles for the First World War and a book to boot – as well as some help with tracks and wheels and a brand new range of silver paints set to change the way you look at metallic oils. Read all about it in today’s news…

Tuesday, October 7

Gary completes his GWH F-15B/D as an aggressive Japanese J..

Gary has taken a lot of care making his new Great Wall Hobby F-15J into a masterpiece – we have seen him build it up now for pictures of the original aircraft and the whole model completed for those who want to cut straight to the chase!

Monday, October 6

Gary steps into third.. Great Wall Hobby's 1/48th scale F-15B/D Eagle Pt III

Gary Wickham's own version of the revised Great Wall Hobbies F-15B/D Eagle is all but finished in Today's Part III of his truly inspiring build. The Japanese Aggressor scheme needs a lot of care and masking and today Gary shows you how he got the best from his Japanese Eagle...

Sunday, October 5

Revell's staggering pick of varied items for October is with us in today's preview...

Revell of Germany’s latest items of the months of  October feature some really varied models due to suit a wide audience – the good thing is most of them have been built up to show us a little of their quality. Let’s have a look.

Friday, October 3

Italeri’s October new items - lots of soldiers and planes to keep us happy

Italeri has brought two MTB crews, a wargaming scale Cromwell, a Typhoon and a colourful Italian to the offering table this month – we have some images of the kits as sprues and some built up for you in today’s preview…

Thursday, October 2

Sherman was right! But your bench top war needn’t be hell with one of these…

Eduard have been releasing their upgrades with other companies mould recently  - and the inclusion of the very good Tasca /Asuka plastic of the 35th scale M4A1 Sherman to the mix of their decals and PE should be a good mix – let’s have a look..

Wednesday, October 1

Review: Barracuda Studios new Bf-109G-6 improvements in 32nd scale

Barracuda Studios makes some of the best resin improvement and correction kits around. When we were sent a few of their sets to match the 1/32nd scale Revell Bf-109G-6 kit we were most excited to see how they fit – and we thought we would compare them to the kit and the original aircraft to show you what we found in today’s construction review.