Friday, May 31

Alpine Miniatures has several new releases all of top quality for this month in our preview

Alpine Miniatures continues to bring out stuff most people really want to buy – this month we have an excellent U-boat commander in 1/16th scale as well as some spare heads to improve your otherwise lacklustre standard kit – last but not least the cheesiest smile in the SS – 12th Panzer commander Max Wünsche joins the club as well…

Thursday, May 30

Andrea miniatures new releases are in the frame today..

Andrea Miniatures new items are pretty nice looking – they are almost like art – now only if we had a frame… Ohh we DO!

Tuesday, May 28

Wings of the Black Cross X (number ten) - gets a read and a review today...

Eagle Editions in the USA are a well-known authority on WWII aviation and especially of German aircraft so their publications are always much anticipated. Number ten of their “Wings of the Black Cross” has just arrived and I have high hopes – written by Mark Proulx and with some excellent images in the previews we saw we anticipated its arrival and now we can show you what it looks like in our review..

Monday, May 27

KittyHawk 1/48th Sepecat Jaguar A build Pt II of II

In today’s news Ethelian finishes his 1/48th kit of the Kittyhawk models Jaguar A to an excellent standard. We left this kit at the sealed up and ready to paint stage – let’s see how Eth got it over the final hurdle…

Sunday, May 26

Got milk? Zotz figures has and they aren’t scared of spilling it..

Zotz not only does a line of stunning decals but also they have a great range of figures in limited numbers for release as well – the latest figure from Eli’s stable is called “Liquid” and I suppose you can see why by this picture..

Preview: SON OF SHERMAN - VOLUME 1 - the first of the Sherman trillogy

Ampersand Publishing always put out publications that  are detailed and full of great pics but also pretty good in value – we think that they have taken the cake with the detail, reference and price on their long awaited opus “SON OF SHERMAN VOLUME 1: The Sherman, Design and Development” If you like this tank then you really should take a look this preview..

Saturday, May 25

There is some Voodoo in Revell of Germany's May Releases

Revell of Germany’s May releases have now some added pictures to them so you can see a little better what is in store for you before you take the plunge – there is a variety of kits here – I bet you would like at least one of them….

Thursday, May 23

Preview: B-17G 1/32 HKM landing flaps from Eduard

The HK Kit of the B-17 in 1/32 scale is indeed a monster. You would think that seeing it isn't officially out yet and the overall size of the thing would prevent add-on aftermarket being made for it – but Ohh no! Eduard has thrown their hat in the ring early with their 1/32nd scale photo etch improvement set for the flaps – be prepared to be blown away!

Wednesday, May 22

The Thunderbolt in Europe gets a textual overview from Kagero ... and a review from us...

I really like the P-47 Thunderbolt – in fact it is my favourite 'plane (ever) – so when a book comes out documenting it I always take notice. Let’s see if this one is a worthy addition to the cupboard or is it a case of “don’t meet your heroes?”

Tuesday, May 21

T-80U MBT from Xact Scale Models gets built up with some colour…

Russian armour guys are in heaven – as in addition to the massive T-90 tank being taken on by MENG – now we have some pics of the T-80U MBT being produced by XactScale – a far east firm that look to have all the right ingredients and all the dots on the T-s and the “I’s” crossed and ticked! – We have some pictures of the built up prototype in today’s preview..

Monday, May 20

Dragon Models show off their latest kits at Shizuoka 2013

Dragon have been an active participant at the Shizuoka Hobby Show in 2013 – and we have some pictures of the latest of the Dragon kits on their stand this year..

Hear that? It sounds like thunder - from the Oliver Publishing group....

Seeing that the books from Dennis Oliver Publishing often sell out we thought that you would want to see what their latest book – “A Sound Like Thunder: Mortain And Falaise, August 1944” is all about as soon as possible – we have some preview images as well for you in today’s news…

Sunday, May 19

Time to get to work with Royal Model’s May releases

Yes we know it is Sunday but there is no time that is better to get your work done early – if that work is creating a workshop setting in 1/35 then Royal Model has the tools for you.

Saturday, May 18

Masterbox have just made us three times happier..

MasterBox from the Ukraine has sent us the pics of their three latest kits just gone on sale and we thought you would want to see them ASAP as people have been really anticipating these – Multipose passengers, A desperate defence and some 1/32 Luftwaffe figures will prick up a lot of modellers attention!

Friday, May 17

Meng unleash their 1/35th Russian Tiger..

MENG Models have built up their latest Russian AFV vehicle and given us some preview info to show you – the kit is now out so we thought it would be nice to show you their built up version and some of it’s features…

Thursday, May 16

Tamiya’s first pictures from the Shizuoka Show 2013

We got some very interesting little Pre-show pics of Tamiya's new items they will be showing off at this - the biggest model show in Asia this year - Enjoy!

A flying tiger from Young Miniatures savages the opposition this month

Young Miniatures often provides us with very lovely figure busts that are well appreciated by the modelling public – but I think that this one here – of a member of the “Flying Tigers” AVG unit from WWII - that will prove a must buy for many modellers in May …

Wednesday, May 15

KittyHawk 1/48th Sepecat Jaguar A build Pt I of II

Our man Eth continues on with his excellent builds – today is the first in the two part special on the new Sepecat Jaguar in 48th scale from KittyHawk – we thought we would get him warmed up with the French Jaguar A before he takes on the RAF Jag – more on that later – but today enjoy the view…

Monday, May 13

Review: 1/35th scale Panzerwerk - three tank crew repairmen from Evolution Miniatures

Evolution Miniatures have recently made three 1/35th scale panzer crewmen – they do complement each other so we thought we would build them and review them all together to show you what they are like…

Saturday, May 11

new AEC car from MiniArt in progress - this time in the flesh (plastic)

MiniArt from the Ukraine has shown us some more pictures of their new AEC Armoured car - To be honest this was not on my building list until I saw these pictures of how the little AFV looks in plastic - very impressive! - the preview also includes some images of Mini Art's latest "in progress" items...

Friday, May 10

Add-On Parts are building up for the winter…..

Do you need walls, wheels, bunkers railroad bits – and what – a workshop to build them in? There are items in 1/35 and a new line of 1/72 diorama accessories for you in this set – Let’s see how Add On parts has you covered with their latest and greatest this month..

Thursday, May 9

Man Jin Kim adds a delicate touch to his latest bust figure from ST Models.....

Man-Jin Kim - the boss at ST Models has a new figure bust of a departing soldier to the Western front in WW – with his infant on his hip the sculpt looks pretty nice – and then MJ painted it.. Have a look in our preview.

Wednesday, May 8

The new T-90A from MENG is just floating on the horizon…

World of tanks players have all just wet themselves – the T-90 Russian main battle tank  is on the way in 1/35th scale from model makers MENG. The Russian T-90 is capable of doing lots of amazing things and looking pretty mean with it’s red “eyes” this has been on modellers lists for a long time – they have some help from noted people as well so this could be a very good thing…

Sang Eon's Stalingrad 6th Army soldier bust preview...

Sang Eon Lee has a new bust in 1/10th scale for release thru his company Life Miniatures. This time we are going German and WWII – to be precise the 6th army in Stalingrad….

Tuesday, May 7

Barracuda Studios want to dress up the Cowl of your Owl.... and new heels on your wheels

Barracuda Studios – Proud purveyor of some fine resin, decals and books for the modeller – well they have hit a bit of a rich vein recently, with their ME 262 wheels and P-47 gear, their spitfire add-ons, they are certainly giving modellers what they want. Their latest sets are the new Diamond tread wheels and Open cowls for the Revell and ZM kits of the Heinkel He-219. They look well worth the adding on!

Dragon bring a new take on the "B" model Patton...

The M48 “B” modification was used extensively in the Vietnam conflict extensively as the main battle tank for the Us Marine Corps and US Army - and Dragon has their latest kit of this very type in their sights as their latest kit announcement…

Monday, May 6

Review & construction: The creature from the Black Lagoon (and his lady friend) in 1/8th scale from Moebius Models

Moebius Models have brought out their second kit the Classic universal Movie monster The Creature from the Black Lagoon. This figure brings not only a lady friend but sits on a base to suit as well – we look at the  kit and put it together to see if it is indeed a monster or maybe just a little nipper….

Saturday, May 4

Review: Eduard Brassin MiG-23 M/MF wheels 1/48

DO you have the Trumpeter MiG-23 in 48th scale and maybe looking for some new wheel and Wheel well replacements? Well Eduard have a new Brassin set that our man Gary has gotten a hold of which look like pretty tempting alternatives – he has compared them to the Trumpeter kit wheels in his review…

Andrea Press takes a very detailed look at the artefacts of the Luftwaffe in their latest opus..

Following in the footsteps of their amazing title on the artefacts of the SS we looked at earlier  Andrea Press have a new book to tempt historians – uniform freaks and ohh – yes anyone interested in the Luftwaffe! We have some info for you along with some sample pages in our preview…

Friday, May 3

How’s your Japanese? Tamiya will need you to learn fast!

Tamiya have just released a little bit of a preview discussion about their latest bunch of kits – what took our notice was the preview info about the new 1/32 scale F4-U “birdcage” Corsair…(having fluent Japanese is a bonus here)

Review: Peko Publishing T-34 on the Battlefield - World War Two Photobook Series Vol.I

Having read the latest book from PEKO Publishing on the StuG III last month we really wanted to see more from this new publisher – so we grabbed their first book on the most produced and maybe a little mythical tank – called “T-34 on the Battlefield” you can guess what the book is all about – we read it and this is what we thought..