Monday, March 31

Preview in detail - Alpine Miniatures new 1/16th sculpt - General Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel

Alpine Miniatures has an overdue birthday present for us all this month – not only their set of two figures of SS tank men from WWII but this sculpt of the “Desert Fox” - Erwin Rommel himself in 1/16th scale – he looks a lot like the real man himself and maybe just worth the wait..

Sunday, March 30

Need some tips on photographing your latest Mameluke sculpt from Andrea Miniatures? Read on...

Just wanting to sculpt and paint an amazing new kit of a Mameluke Officer in 1808? Need to photograph it? Then Andrea Miniatures has the new sculpt and book just for you…

Saturday, March 29

Got some Aerials you want to complete - pass the new “Ammo” will ya?

Mig Jimenez has quickly filled up his product lines with new “Ammo” in his cache – now it is time for the aircraft guys to get a touch of super detailing and shading with 8 new sets to colour and age our kite…

Friday, March 28

Three new items to "Supercharge" your Thunderbolt and lightning from Master Details...

Master Details are far from Gone! They have been very quiet recently but they are keeping their heads down and churning out some “super” new products for the P-38 lightning and the P-47D Thunderbolt in 32nd scale. Let’s have a look at the three new releases the masters of detail…( in the USA)

Wednesday, March 26

We dispatch a review for D-Day Miniature Studio’s latest roadside figures..

Today we look at two figures from the British Army in 1/35th scale from D-day Miniature Studios - a new company focusing on releasing resin figures from WWII has two new figures of the “Allied” lovers amongst us – their set of two single or in a pair Dispatch Rider and  British Military Policeman are a welcome change to the genre..

Tuesday, March 25

Yet more brand new Spitfire, Tempest and Hellcat resin from Barracuda Studios has just been released...

Not satisfied with the recent Spitfire and Tempest updates Barracuda Studios has announced a few more new parts for your Spitfire you haven’t finished ‘cos you were wanting to scratch build the new part – well wait no longer! Those in need of a spitfire intake or full cockpit for the Mk. XIX or some Hellcat wheels in 32nd – what about some Tempest wheels in 48th? Well look no further!

Spitfire succession solution – Tony reviews Barracuda Studios new resin Spitfire XIX parts (+ a fair few other marques) in three scales.

Our resident spitfire fan (there is a long line of them) Tony Prince reviews  Barracuda Studios latest set of resin (and clear plastic)  improvements for three scales of spitfire. Wheels, exhausts, props and canopies get a look in in this review. Tony has provided some pictures from his archives showing the real thing to help us better see the quality of these sets..

Monday, March 24

We review two of Stalingrad's new Soviet attackers (& we preview the other eight as well) from their new "Berlin 1945" set of figures

We thought we would see what a sample of the ten (yes 10)  figures set depicting the soviet take over of Berlin in 1945 from Stalingrad Miniatures was like - we have previewed the set before but now two of the figures from the set get the full build review today...

Sunday, March 23

Gary reviews Eduard's "Tarantula" of the skies - the Mig-21PFM in 1/48th scale

The Eduard Mig-21 “Fishbed” has seen many incarnations in 48th scale – and just like the real thing these aircraft are not all the same as each other. Gary shows us how many of the parts of this  - the "ambush" version of the  Fishbed - the “PFM” Mig-21, differs from the others already released by Eduard in today’s review…

Saturday, March 22

Kagero’s Latest four for April are ready to order now..

Rarely seen Italians on an English holiday, a French Heavyweight that can keep up with the new boys, a German screamer wreaks havoc and “we are going baaack to Masssachuusetttssss.”

Friday, March 21

Review: Alpine Miniatures new figures leave no holes BAR-red in the search for quality with their two new allied figures

Allied figures from WWII – winter clad and bearing heavy weapons like the BAR light machine gun,  one of the figures chewing a cigar – well it has all the makings of a popular set of figures in 1/35th scale. Let’s see what we think of Alpine Miniature’s latest two figures and the set they make.

Thursday, March 20

Pegaso Models latest winged fantasy really is real

…Or it WAS real – the famous ( and feared angelic wings of the Polish Winged Hussar on top of his resplendent mount is the subject of this month of March’s latest sculpt by Pegaso…

Wednesday, March 19

Verlinden's 3 new items for March 2014 - a large scale AA gun, A demolished dio piece and some yanks on a surge

have three new kits for March which are due to interest three different types of modeller-Modern combat, a destroyed city diorama base in 1/35th and a 1/16th anti-aircraft gun for the larger scale guys. And they are on sale right now as well. Let’s have a look.

Zis cannon needs a diorama - and now we have one! MiniArt's latest in today's preview

MiniArt get creative with their latest kit – combining the trusty ZIS-3 and figures with an all-new base to create a one stop shop new diorama-  let’s have a look..

Tuesday, March 18

Review and construction - AC Models – 75mm USMC stretcher team in the Pacific, Peleliu.

Andrew Cairns from AC Models has released some interesting sets of US Marines depicted in medevac duties on the battlefield of Peleliu in 1944 in the Pacific. A complex but very dynamic set of figures in 75mm these look good – do they need urgent aid or some major surgery - or will the patient turn out healthy after all? Le's see in our review.

Monday, March 17

MENG’s new Awesome Foursome for April

MENG have four new products coming out in the month of April – we have a little info and some box art of each of the kits that will soon be in the hands expectant modellers

Review of MJ Miniatures “The Battle of Hastings” bust in 1/10th review and construction

"'Symoun com to the feld,
   And put up his banere;
 The king schewed forth his scheld,
   His dragon full austere.'

…. We put together MJ’s latest exquisite bust of a Draco bearer from the battle of Hastings 1066 to show you if he is up to standard…

Sunday, March 16

Review: Desert Eagle Publications - Achzarit Heavy APC in IDF Service

Today we read the new Desert Eagle book on the Achzarit Heavy APC in IDF Service –  with a large interest in this vehicle after the recent MENG kit this book looks to be an all-in-one reference for the type – is it all we would expect? Let’s see in  our review…

Saturday, March 15

AK Interactive has all new sets to keep it neat and tidy when war-gaming and figure painting.

AK Interactive has been in the process of re-branding and polishing up their product lines, several “all in one”  paint kits for war-gaming  and new sets for figures and their uniforms as well as a “How to” book make this an interesting set of new gear from AK.

Friday, March 14

Dragon make tracked FlaK with their latest German AFV in 35th scale

To complement their long list of German halftracks Dragon bring us their newest addition to their kit – the up armoured and up gunned 3.7cm FlaK 43 auf Sd.Kfz.7/2 kit which will fill in a lot of people’s collections – and now you can shelve that Trumpeter kit you have been avoiding making….

Thursday, March 13

An identity crisis at Hasegawa as they try out models that think they are something else with their new kits of May

We have some confused modelling genres for you in today’s preview - ships that are aircraft , planes that shoot torpedoes  and a helicopter that thinks it is an aeroplane in amongst some great new items for May from Hasegawa – some great new kits and limited edition stuff.

Wednesday, March 12

There are still some good news stories coming from the Ukraine – Masterbox’s new figures for March

Masterbox have added a new category of  1/32nd figures from the French revolution as well as two new 1/72nd WWI tanks and the ol’ favourite WWII Soviets and Germans in 1/35th scale – all in today’s preview..

Tuesday, March 11

Review: Valiant Wings “Building the Heinkel He-219 UHU – A Detailed Guide to building the Zoukei-Mura 1/32nd kit”

Zoukei Mura’s new kit of the Heinkel He-219 UHU in 1/32 scale has had some great press. We have seen some very talented modellers end products but not so many build guides to help the regular “modeller on the street” achieve greatness with theirs. Valiant Wings now step up to the plate – with the help of their master modeller Daniel Zamarbide they have brought out a book showing you just how to achieve a great result like we will show you in our review.

Monday, March 10

Just when you were “out” – new ammo and some "Snow and Ice" from Mig Jiminez..

Mig Jimenez continues to stock us up with “ammo” in his new range – bolstering his new brand’s stocks so we can all get building. We have a few modern, cold war and WWII sets from his new range to show you in today’s preview..

Saturday, March 8

Hobbyboss’ latest March Items really are on fire…

Hobbyboss’ latest for March include a couple of soviet light tanks (one of them on fire) that is dangerously lined up next to a fuel truck and a Toucan? No phoenix references please…