Sunday, November 30

Review: Allied-Axis 31 goes on a Finnish adventure....

Ampersand Publishing has been really busy recently – they are on yearly sale and they are still popping out book just before the Christmas holidays set in. Their Allied-Axis series is now at No 31, and we found three reasons to think about picking it up in today’s review...

Saturday, November 29

Revell's December items are just in time to make that Xmas list....

In December’s new items from Revell we go topless in a VW, we dump a load, feel the sting of a hornet and get pounced on bay a Jaguar. Huey and the Centurion are here as well…

Friday, November 28

Italeri brings out the Devil in us this Christmas

Italeri's latest items that should be here just before Christmas have a few out of the box ideas so we found them interesting and we thought that we would show you what's going to be in store just before Christmas..

Thursday, November 27

Build review: Stalingrad's Russian Old Woman hits the road..

Stalingrad from Russia has a great name for themselves in the 1/35th scale figure model market – every figure they do seem to have a very individual style and look. This new “Big Set” of singular figures drives that home as we look at one of these Russian refugees in today’s figure review...

Wednesday, November 26

Alpine Miniatures are largely into turning heads this December

Returning to what they do the very best Alpine Miniatures have issued a few new items this month – some 35th scale GI’s and these releases  of 1/16th of some very nice looking spare heads and Waffen SS tanker that turns heads as well..

Nothing drab about these G.I.'s dressed in Olive from Alpine Miniatures...

Well it only seems a little while since Alpine Miniature’s last lot of items – but now we see even more on the horizon from Taesung with so much requested Allied soldiers in shock, respect or wonderment - your choice... read on to see what we mean.

Tuesday, November 25

Hasegawa’s new items for January 2015 if you have any spare cash…

If you didn’t get what you wanted at Christmas or you have some spare money from buying everyone else’s gifts then you may want to have a look at some of Hasegawa’s new items for the New Year…

Sunday, November 23

Allied –Axis 30 – artillery, ammo carriers and a big-ass blade with a Sherman attached to it..

Allied- Axis has undergone a change in it’s delivery of format – from the minimum of four subjects in every book to three in each – but those are being examined in more depth. Would this be an improvement? Let’s have a look with our review of Issue #30

Saturday, November 22

Add-On Parts to your new diorama - doors, tanks, cobblestones and a whole french street!

Add-On parts keeps on making parts and even whole scenes for you to better create scenes from your wildest dreams. Modern and early century parts to add to your vehicles and even a whole street and building to fully envisage your dio world. Check out their latest bits in our preview…

Friday, November 21

Barracuda Studios new items for November 2014 now available from their web-store...

Roy from Barracuda Studios has returned from Telford IPMS show on fire - he has made sure you can get all of his new products straight after the show and they are now on his website - 72nd and 48th scale goodies as well as all new parts for your 24th scale Tiffie and a very "good" looking pilot figure - read on to see what's now available from Barracuda.

Review: Euromodelismo #251 review - The second special Birthday English edition

Euromodelismo Magazine’s anniversary issue was actually a double! We looked at the special 250th edition last month but the new Issue #251 is the second half of their celebration and we have read and taken pictures of the mag with some comments to better introduce you before we re-join their party…

Thursday, November 20

Review: Two new figures from Stalingrad's "Big Set" of WWI tankers.

Stalingrad Miniatures has just released a big set and single figures of British Tank Corps soldiers from World War One. We were lucky enough to get two of these figures from this big set to better show you what they are like in our construction review.

Wednesday, November 19

War is a dirty business - and this is Modern warfare at its dirtiest – We review Abram’s Squad #8

We are avid readers of the modern warfare magazine from Pla Editions“Abrams Squad.” It has been something we have followed with interest, and now issue no#8 is up for review we thought we would show you what it’s like.

Tuesday, November 18

Review: Zoukei-Mura’s new add-ons for the SWS 08 Horten Ho 229 Tyres, tubes, barrels and gear.

As if it was not good enough already Zoukei-Mura has added some nice add-ons to it’s new Horten Ho 229 kit in 1/32nd scale. Designed to further improve on the sold injection moulded base today we will review and fit for the most part the weighted tyres, cannon barrels and muzzles and Pitot tube plus the white metal wheels on our kit to show you what they are like.

Monday, November 17

Academy’s new warriors come from the sea to wreak havoc on your modelling bench…

The two latest kits from Academy have just emerged from their ocean carriers to strike out at their plastic competition - so we thought threat we would show you a little more of their new F-18D Hornet in 32nd and their new 35th scale M10 "Early" Tank destroyer

Sunday, November 16

Review: Panzerwrecks 18 German armour at it’s most wrecked and ruined..

The Panzerwrecks series is well past being a fledgling publication – this edition we are looking at is the eighteenth edition of the publication and the creators do not look like they have run out of ammo yet! This issue is dedicated to German armour from the last year of the war – get ready to see some late war and modified earlier AFV’s in this review…

Saturday, November 15

Review: World of Dioramas by Per Olav Lund: Vol I

Canfora Press has several great modelling titles under their belt – with more to come this year we are treated to a visual fest today with a preview of a new title feature the immersing work of Per Olav Lund. We got the chance to read and review “The World of Dioramas…”

Friday, November 14

Japanese warriors and a trip to the body-shop - All in this month’s releases from Pegaso.

When looking at classical warriors the Japanese Samurai are often one of people’s first choices for colour and their unique attire and weapons. When sculpting for yourself you often think it would be good to have a guide or maybe a step up showing just how the anatomy works? Well if these two are on your shopping lists then check out Pegaso’s November newbies…

Thursday, November 13

Review: Andrea Press’ latest tittle – “Sturmtruppen”

To break the deadlock of the trenches in the Great War the Germans devised a group of Elite soldiers, brought from Sapper, volunteer and even penal units these soldiers were called “Sturmtruppen”, and Andrea Press has their story in their latest lavish publication.

Wednesday, November 12

Verlinden's November re-issues fill some holes in your dio stash...

Verlinden thinks it is time to see what you might have been missing out on – December’s latest items feature a few things you may or not be familiar with - but all are newly cast and in stock again after long not being available. Let’s have a look…

Review build Pt V: Zoukei-Mura’s Horten Ho 229 - the Horten with no clothes…

Just before we sealed here up we thought we would show you an option for displaying your Horten Ho 229. The “skeletal” approach is on display today in the first of three galleries of the kit in a finished state…

Tuesday, November 11

Review: Zoukei-Mura Concept Note SWS No. VII Ho 229

Zoukei-Mura often releases a book that accompanies with their flagship Super Wing Series aircraft models when they are released. This is a companion book that shows off the model, the history and the details of the original aircraft with a little of their own reasons why they chose that particular aircraft thrown in. Would this be a good idea for the Horten Ho 229 or Lost in translation? Let’s have a look in our review.

Monday, November 10

Build review: MJ Miniatures’ WSS Grenadier in Ardenne, 1944

In his latest bust Man-Jin Kim re-creates a famous scene from the battle of the bulge in the Ardennes in 1944. We put the parts together in our review to see if the WSS Grenadier in Ardenne, 1944 in resin matches not only MJ Miniature’s previous kits but the pictures from history of "Winter Fritz"

Sunday, November 9

We make up the rest of the latest "Big Set" from Stalingrad with Soviet soldiers from the eastern cold this month…

Stalingrad Miniatures has just announced they have released the rest of their big set of single figures of soldiers of Soviet war machine in the cold winter on the Eastern front. These warmly dressed warrior look set to take on the elements as well as the Germans.

Saturday, November 8

Hasegawa's December items - something for your loved ones to save up for...

December’s items from Hasegawa feature some great  aircraft, a Destroyer, an armoured suit and a beautiful sea coloured Phantom. Take a look at what Hasegawa has in store for us the the final month of 2014 …

Friday, November 7

Clayton's Build review of Bronco's new 1/48th scale Su-152 "Beast Killer"

When you think of the massive Russian tank the Su-152 "Beast Killer" as the Russians called it - you think of a big steel uncompromising brute of a thing which stopped the German armour in it's tracks across the battlefield of the eastern front during WWII. What would the tank look like in a smaller scale? Well Bronco's new 48th scale version is today's review build by our own Clayton Ockerby. See if this kit's presence still is as fearsome in a smaller scale..

Thursday, November 6

Review: Zoukei-Mura's new 1/32nd scale Pilot and ground crew figures of the Ho 229 Horten

The new 1/32nd scale Horten Ho 229 fighter from Zoukei-Mura is a lovely kit – we are in the process of having quite some fun making it, but we were very anxious to see how the extras on this kit would fare, and how they would integrate with the kit itself. Well we got our wish when Zoukei-Mura sent out five of these sets to examine and show you – today we look at the human element with the pilot and ground grew figures for the SWS 08 kit

Wednesday, November 5

Eduard’s New 1/48th scale SSW D. III turns some heads as it makes it’s Debut..

Eduard has an all new tool Siemens Schuckert Werke [S.S.W.] D.III fighter that is now available and as the people at Eduard have built one up for you to see we thought we would give you a preview including the marking options and sprues as well..