Tuesday, September 30

Full build of HK Models Do335 Pfeil in 32nd scale Pt. II: “Pfeil Vs Murphy”

When Nicolas and François got the possibility to obtain an early release version of Hong Kong Models new Do335 Pfeil kit they were jumping up and down. Just one catch: it had to be built in only 10 days!  Take a look at just how they built it so well and so quickly.

Monday, September 29

HK Models Do335 Pfeil in 1/32nd scale review: Pt I

HK Models next release is the much anticipated Do335 Pfeil. So, when Nicolas and François got the possibility to obtain an early just before release version, they were jumping up and down. Just one catch: it had to be built in only 10 days!  First before they started we thought you should see the kit in detail before they built it.

Saturday, September 27

Do you want to contribute to Rinaldi Studio Press's future? Then read on...

Mike Rinaldi’s series of TANKART books are amongst our favourite series of books on the market right now. Three titles in there are plans afoot to expand the range to all branches of modelling and to narrow the focus to one subject a book in the “SM Series”. First mike needs to find a business model that can allow him to concentrate solely on publishing good books – and that is where you come in…

Friday, September 26

Hopefully this troubleshooter won't end up all at sea...Academy's new Seahawk in the fle...plastic.

Academy’s 1/35th scale U.S. Navy MH-60S HSC-9 'Tridents' kit gets a preview today as Academy show us their first built up and painted kit. This is fast becoming an item of interest at TMN HQ – we thought you would like to see the pictures of the plastic and the real helicopter…

The second of the “Birthday" issues for EuroModelismo is out now and in English!

Euromodelismo Magazine’s anniversary issue was actually a double! We looked at the special 250th edition this month but the new Issue #251 is the second half of their celebration and we have some large images and text of contents so you can see for yourself before you buy. Let’s re-join their party…

Wednesday, September 24

Ahhh C! Miniart re-claim the hobby shops with a new Panzer IIIC

Only made in small numbers and used in the invasion of Poland - this kit has never actually been made in injection moulded plastic in this scale MiniArt has made a lot of people happy with their new Panzer IIIB and now the Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.С model is coming – batten down the hatches let’s take a look at the CAD and parts in our preview…

Takom bring out the big guns - how big? 30.5cm! We show you the Skoda built up

Most people thought that guns were made INTO Skoda’s in the 80’s but there was a time this Czech factory made armaments for the Austro Hungarian Empire. We have some pictures of Takom’s latest kit due in a month depicting the Skoda 30.5cm M1916 Siege Howitzer,“Siege of Sevastopol” 1942 boxing…

Tuesday, September 23

Panda's M-ATV updated with new plastic and CROWS? Workable Tunguska tracks, and more on the new Cougar as well...

To add to the Panda Hobby Oshkosh MRAP M-ATV in 35th scale which was updated and added to with the CROWS II set we have some more news from Panda Hobby of their new Cougar and some workable tracks for the Tunguska. Click on to see a little more update from Panda.

Mantis Miniatures 1/35th scale Afrika Korps Crew review

Mantis Miniatures latest two figures to match the Kubelwagen accessories to make a hot “Afrika” scene are the subject of today’s build review. We will look at them together and with their new “pimped” ride as well…

Monday, September 22

Mantis Miniatures 1/35th scale Kubelwagen accessories build review

Mantis Miniatures has sent us their new set which hopes to make something just a little more out of your Tamiya Kubelwagen – tomorrow we will build and review the figures to match but today we built the Tamiya kit up to show you the Kubelwagen accessories kit in our review

Sunday, September 21

Review: PeKo’s Tiger I on the Battlefields of WWII.

PeKo Publishing’s latest title brings out the big guns – literally – the 88mm on the mighty most famous German tank of the war features in their latest title…we look at number seven in the series in today’s review which sets it’s sights squarely on the legendary Tiger I on the Battlefields of WWII.

Saturday, September 20

Review: Axel Urbanke's Luftwaffe im Focus 23

New editions of the Luftwaffe im Focus is always a reason to be happy – Axel Urbanke’s research and interviews reap many archival treasures often not before seen in print, and that is what makes these books something special – they are unique. Let’s have a look at Issue twenty-three in our review

Thursday, September 18

Five releases from Verlinden for September – out now and on sale!

Verlinden's latest releases are so varied we are sure at least one of these five is sure to get your interest – we have a flamin’ turret, some grease monkeys, the king rat from the tunnels of Vietnam and the natural enemy of the desert rats… Let’s have a look shall we?

Wednesday, September 17

Review: 1/32nd scale Eagle Cals Spitfire Mk I & II's

Wow new spitfires! But not many decals to match them we thought – until Eagle Editions released their two new sets for the MkI and II machines. With some famous and well picked choices we thought it prudent to have a look at the new decal sheet and try to get some research done into the original kites. Lets “scramble” to take a look at what we found

The Second thirty-second Bronco breaks out of the stable…

KittyHawk second 1/32 scale Kit is due for it’s second outing in the form of the second lot of test shots put together. See what you think of the second bronco to break free in today’s news

Tuesday, September 16

Teutonic (K)nights with a Nymert? Pegaso’s September schedule sounds great to us

Introduced last week at the Stresa World Expo show these three new figures from Pegaso will no doubt be the stars of Pegaso’s stand at the Euro Millitaire in Folkestone. Let’s look at them before they get mobbed at the show.

Sunday, September 14

In anyone’s language 250 issues would warrant a special issue don’t you think?

Euromodelismo Magazine’s birthday tin this issue – they turn 250 and to celebrate they have published a special issue of their landmark magazine in English with a limited no of copies. We are lucky enough to get one so let’s have a look at what kind of party they are having…

Saturday, September 13

Takom's WWI British Mk.IV Male: Part 1- Building the Behemoth..

Clayton has pulled off some very nice builds here on TMN in the past – and it seems to us he likes everything with ungainly irregular shapes and rivets – so we gave him the Takom's brand new Mk.IV (Male) tank of WWI Vintage to make – the female version as well – and so Clayton got stuck into making this big-gunned version first – here he shares his thoughts so far…

Friday, September 12

The griffon with two heads – The Two seater Grippen from Kittyhawk

 Slated for an October release the two seater Grippen from Kittyhawk is in the news today – we have some pictures of a built up example with all the info we could glean from instructions ans the boxart let’s have a look…

Thursday, September 11

Grünherz are go! Didier builds Eduard's new 48th scale Bf-109G-6

Didier Thomas is a very talented builder who recently brought us the Gloster Meteor IV in 32nd scale – he is back with the pride of Edaurd’s new release of the Bf-109 G6 in 1/48th scale. This kit is in the news with several comments about it of late – we thought the best thing to do was stop talking and just build it! Let’s have a look at Diddier’s experience with his ‘109…

Wednesday, September 10

Review: U-Boot Im Focus decal sets in 1/144th and 1/72nd scales

New U-boat decals? in 1/144th, 1/72nd and even 1/5ths scales? Who makes ‘em? The people behind U-boot Im Focus the Luftfahrtverlag-Start team? Sign us UP!

Tuesday, September 9

Just released - “Soldaten: The German Soldier in World War 2. Holland” from Dennis Oliver and Stephen Andrew

Dennis Oliver has made a collaboration with Stephen Andrew in his latest book called “Soldaten: The German Soldier in World War 2. Holland” which highlights the German soldier and his equipment at the time of the Allied invasion of Holland in 1944. This dream team of authors and their profiles leaves us highly anticipating the result. Let’s have a little look at what’s coming…

Monday, September 8

Review: TankArt III Modern Armor from Rinaldi Studio Press

With a massive build-up (sometimes this is healthy) after their ground-breaking Tank Art 1 & 2 books, Rinaldi Studios has released their third opus in the series – “TANKART 3 – Modern Armor” is here and this time the focus is on modern armoured vehicles. We loved TI & TII– let’s have a look at what is instore for us all in #III…

Sunday, September 7

MiniArt’s new GAZ-AAA w/Quad M4 Maxim packs enough modelling firepower to melt plastic..

Well Miniart are back in business and gee aren’t we happy about it! They have made the move to Kyiv and the whole factory will soon be churning out Panzer III’s and this little beauty – a quad MG AA mount on a GAZ-AAA truck maybe it should be called a “GAZA AAA (AA) ?” Anyway new coloured CAD’s flesh this baby out a bit more….

Brett's build of the Eduard Weekend Edition 1/48 Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat - Pt II:Paint and finish

Brett Reynolds has built the weekend kit of the Eduard F6F-5 Hellcat in 48th scale. And in Part II this article shows how he finished his Hellcat in painting and weathering on this difficult dark blue scheme…

Saturday, September 6

Brett's build of the Eduard Weekend Edition 1/48 Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat - Pt 1:construction

Brett Reynolds is a very clean and thorough builder and has graced us here on TMN with many a nice article and build – today he presents part I of II on the build of the lovely kit of the Eduard F6F-5 Hellcat in 48th scale. Today’s article concerns the build and alterations he made to the kit whilst the second part will be the finishing and painting of the Hellcat – Ok here we go…

Friday, September 5

Mantis Miniatures is all geared up but just needs to ask for directions first - our figure and WLA accessory review

Mantis Miniatures has sent us some figures of WWII G.I.’s on the road along with the bike’s stowage of weapons and kit bags to go with them. This kit goes very well with the MiniArt WLA bike and we thought we would build these figures  and compare them with the parts on the bike - then show them all together to give you a proper feel of their quality…

Thursday, September 4

Hasegawa’s new items for November (already) leave us thinking Christmas is coming..

November’s items from Hasegawa feature some great smaller scale aircraft and a medium Nick and also a bit of a growler that will please a lot of aircraft guys as well as some rally action as well…

Wednesday, September 3

We go back to 'Nam with Mig's latest edition of the Weathering Magazine in our review

We get a chance to look at a lot of the top modelling from around the world in the form of magazines here at TMN. Recently there has been a spike in new publications full of S.B.S model builds – Mig’s Weathering Magazine is one of the most popular and we look at the new “Vietnam” issue #8 in today’s review…

Tuesday, September 2

Andrea Miniatures latest releases com storming and "Draggin" in this month's releases...

Andrea Miniatures is in the swing of the whole World War One anniversary with their recent release of this – the first real modern shock troops of the trench war in 1917 and a great book to match it – how this War Dragon fits in I don’t know but its another great release from them this month.

Monday, September 1

Combat Armour Models? More Like Cams – a tank so light it could swim very soon..

Snubbed by the country that spawned it – the Vickers Light Amphibious Tank A4E12 soon got picked up in other nations that needed light tanks that could fjord every stream. A new company called CAMS (Combat Armour Models) has a new version of this tank for their first release in 35th scale…