Friday, January 31

Add On Parts latest items of January may need more nuts…

Add on Parts bring us big bolts, French slogans, beaten as battered blockages, “flimsies” and a terminal case… confused – read on and you soon will be!

Meng Models are at Nuremburg toy fair to “pick-up” new business with their new Ford F-350 kit in 24th scale

The 65th Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Nürnberg sees many model making companies from all around the world – it is an important show so many model distributors are showcasing their best new product – as is MENG with their previous kits and an all new F-350 pickup in 24th scale!

Thursday, January 30

Cromätica Models takes us into alternate history with their new series of Torpedo fighters in 72nd ( and maybe 48th) scale..

...Coming to you from a time that never happened - Cromätica Models from Spain bring us the Ükhron War and rocket and jet fighters from three sides of the battle. It seems Kursk just spurred the Germans on…We have some details and future plans from the people at Cromätica in today’s news

Wednesday, January 29

Zactoman helps the Sea Flanker be all it can be in 48th scale

If you are a follower of Chris Wilson (a.k.a Zactoman) on several forums and his website will know that this man is a very good model maker. He sells the very best in resin corrections and now he has joined forces with a new company called “Aviation Art” to make the very best “in the world” 1/48th scale Su-33 Sea Flanker. Let’s see what the story is so far on this kit…

Tuesday, January 28

Build review: MiniArt's new #35108 "Soviet Infantry" set.

Miniart’s news sets of “Special Edition” figures steadily impress me more and more as we get a chance to make them – we have reviewed two of these sets already  this month – one set needed work and the other was really very good – what would this release – very similar in concept to their last kit of Soviet Naval troops be like? Only one way to see as we review and build them up to see how they really go together..

Monday, January 27

We blast into the new year pausing to take a look at Revell's new Items...

Revell of Germany has several new releases – some from the past – some flying, some tracked, some on foot and some from outer space. We thought you could use some info and pictures of them built up to see what’s-a-comin’

Saturday, January 25

Go on - you think of a better title than "wow" - Life Miniature's new bust - "The Few"

The superlatives continue to amble from my mouth when it comes to describing Sang Eon Lee’s company “Life Miniatures” range of busts – this new pilot and pooch bust sculpted by Seung-Yeop Lee is not any different – here is the kit painted up in our preview in today’s news.

Friday, January 24

Stalingrad’s big new set of Early Germans invades hobby stores.

Shhh- hear that? It’s “Ze Germans” – and they are coming! Thanks largely to Stalingrad Miniatures who have carved this large set of ten German infantrymen doing what they do – with the pictures that inspired their creation -  in today’s preview…

Thursday, January 23

MiniArt tries not to go off the rails with their two new kits – It looks like we need an extension..

In a lot of ways MiniArt are living up to their slogan of “Always Innovate” – with their new 72nd and 16th scale figures and dioramas, their vac-form based scenery kits and now new tooled vehicles which no one else wanted to do but changing the game and doing them very well – they sure are doing what they set out to achieve – now their second injection moulded tram is on time and on track to arrive early this year (ohh and those wanting extra track we have something for you..)

Wednesday, January 22

Preview: Meng Models 1/35 scale U.S. Infantry Fighting Vehicle M2A3 Bradley (w/BUSK III)

Meng continue on their crusade to bring us more from the modern battlefield with their latest kit – the very popular moulding of the 1/35th scale M2A3 Bradley  - With BUSK III of course!

Not a fan of the turret? Well we have the perfect magazine for you - Panzer Aces 44 Preview

Turret-less killers are the focus of  the new “Panzer Aces” magazine no #44 – That means all of the most popular of Germany’s monsters like the Jagdpanther, StuG, Ferdinand and the massive Jagdtiger get the fine modelling treatment in the latest of the boutique magazine style. We have some preview images and info for you..

Tuesday, January 21

Da na na na na na na na - Moebius Models' 1/25th scale 'Dark Knight' "Tumbler" Review Build!

So the best tool that Batman uses to help him fight crime? No not Robin – but the Batmobile. And arguably the meanest looking version of the Batmobile is the Tumbler. We look at Moebius Models new 1/25th kit and built and paint it up for you in today’s review.

Monday, January 20

Zoukei Mura’s new “spirited brother” is coming along pretty well

The new 1/32nd Horten Ho 229 kit from Zoukei Mura is still in test phase - but we have some of the photos of the development of this kit in prototype form (funny that this is a prototype of a prototype!) in today's preview

Sunday, January 19

Who doesn't like a quick little tug?

Kasl Hobby sure do!...And in a short while this little Harlan HTA-40 Tractor should be arriving in your hobby shops – we thought we would show you what is in the box in our preview..

Saturday, January 18

AFV Club's four brand new year kits built up so you can see what war was like from the British perspective...

AFV Club has four new and very good looking kits we thought we would show you in today’s preview – very detailed and not very common vehicles in 1/35th scale make today all that better for military modellers..

Friday, January 17

“Hey - don’t you know the war finished last year?” More info on the overdue Demag halftrack and Pak 38 from Dragon

The new 1/35th scale Sd.Kfz.10 Ausf.A w/5cm Pak 38 combo will was slated for a November 2013 release – and … It’s not released yet.
We do have new information on this very popular combination of kits in Dragon’s new 2014 items…

Things we learnt from the new MiniArt 2014 Catalogue..... (+ download link)

Hold off on that Panzer III you were thinking of buying – and other stories of wonder – as MiniArt unveil a few pleasant surprises for their new 2014 releases…

Wednesday, January 15

Build Review: Brassin 1/32 B-17G gun set. - The usual suspects – but with better guns?

Today we review the motley crew of .50 calibre BRASSIN gun sets from Eduard for your HK models B-17. We put them into the kit to see how they fit – and how they look once installed in this beast, and most of all ask the question - do you need them?

Tuesday, January 14

Hasegawa's March 2014 item preview is with us today - some nice old friends and new buddies

Hasegawa has some new releases tied in with some much anticipated older re-releases/ special editions this month in their March Item preview…

Monday, January 13

Build review: Stalingrad Miniatures 1/35th scale Russian Soldier and Orphan, 1941-45

Just when you thought all the good sculptors came from Korea Stalingrad Miniatures reminds us of the quality coming from Russia. It is the cold Eastern front experience that is the focus for the newest range of figures from Stalingrad. This time with his very personalised style of sculpting figures we see Russian looking after the next generation of children – a child who’s parents have been killed in the great patriotic war.

Sunday, January 12

A new smaller scale lightning front is forecast

Kittyhawk aren’t just going large sale – but small scale now with the first of their 1/72nd scale kits.. Three F-35 Lightings in 72nd.

Build review: MiniArt's #35094 "Soviet Naval Troops"

MiniArt continue with their new range of “Special Edition” releases with this new set 35094 Soviet Naval Troops in 1/35th scale. We have seen the figures from this kit already in our preview and they look impressive – but let’s see for ourselves when we put them together how the fit and finished articles look like when we put ‘em together.

Saturday, January 11

Zotz Decal’s 1/48th scale French Jaguar As in Kosovo decal Preview

Eli from Zotz has been nice enough to send us heaps of pictures of the real aircraft along with the very nice looking decal sheet profiles he has made for his new and extensive sheet covering the French Jaguar AS in the Kosovo conflict. If you like the Jag then this1/48th decal sheet is for you

Friday, January 10

“Welcome to the Jungle – we got captured game” – and other stories from Masterbox

Masterbox have two new kits coming out in this coming month of January. – one of them is set in the steamy jungles of Indo-china – the other – on the eastern front during WWII. They look pretty good from the box artwork – but what can we expect inside the box? Well let’s have a look in our preview…

Thursday, January 9

HobbyBoss have a forecast of heavy armour with a touch of lightning for January

It seems armoured warfare is in Hobbyboss’ future in the month of January (with  little bit of lightning forecast as well) as we go through their latest new releases for the new year in today’s news…

Wednesday, January 8

Build review - Takom’s new St. Charmond heavy assault tank in 1/35th..

After their earlier releases Takom have gone for  a large scale (1/16th) FT tank, a 1/35th scale Object 279 experimental Russian tank and so in keeping with their business plan they have stuck to what they know – a random kitting of the first world war 1/35th St Charmond tank…
….So in keeping with our own traditions we thought we would build it up to show you what this otherwise unknown kit is like in our review

Tuesday, January 7

The war for modeler's hearts goes on in Japan - where these lady pilots fight on...

Aurora from Japan sent some pictures of some lovely “What If” pictures last month of lady panzer crew – and this month the Axis push continues with more (scale) women in uniform..

Monday, January 6

Build review: MiniArt 35109 Soviet Soldiers At Rest

MiniArt are vamping up their figure range – new figures include extra weapons and equipment with more detailed instructions and painting guides – it all spells for a better experience for modellers – but is it merely window-dressing? Let’s have a look when we build MiniArt’s 1/35th scale 35109 Soviet Soldiers at Rest kit.

Sunday, January 5

the last pre-release sprue shots of the KH32001 T-6 "Texan" in 32nd scale from KittyHawk

Just on the eve of release we have the final sprue shots of the large scale T-6 Texan from KittyHawk - it looks like it is nearly ready to jump on the the shelves. Both internal cockpit and all external details are here along with weapons and internal bays and decals in today's edition of the rolling preview..

Review & Workbench test: Scale Model Scenery Aircraft Display Bases

Desperate for a display? Stumped for some scenery? Well Justin just Scale Model Scenery has just sent us a few of his latest creations for Gary to use under some of his models – He takes us through the simple steps of creating your own inexpensive but very nice looking bases in today’s workshop..