Wednesday, July 31

Life Miniature's new master-class - General Douglas MacArthur bust in 1/9th scale Preview

Some manufacturers in the modelling business keep on hitting home run after home run – Sang Eon Lee’s company Life Miniatures is one of these small but perfectly formed  model making companies that turns out quality bust after bust – their latest in 1/19th scale is another large personality of the Second World War  and later the Korean conflict – General Douglas MacArthur…

We take the plunge with Andrea Miniatures newest Pin Up figure....

Andrea Miniatures have for a long time titillated and inspired us in equal amounts by their “Pin Up” range of lovely ladies in small scale – now its summer (somewhere in the world) we thought you might like to take a dip with their latest lady…

Tuesday, July 30

We get down with the dirt on MENG’s new built up 1/35th scale D9R ARMORED BULLDOZER preview…

MENG has just released another kit from their “Stegosaurus Series “ – the wonderfully looking D9 Armoured bulldozer – there are just so many possibilities of weathering and customisation for this vehicle the mind boggles – well they have made one up already so we thought that we would show you a little of what is possible with this kit.

Pretty coloured Lightning - Kittyhawk 1/48th F-35A Lightning Build & Review: Pt.II

So we have got our lightning altogether – what to paint here in? More grey perhaps? Well I don’t think so! Ethelian has had an idea – a three tone camo of the Israeli defence force – we know they will be getting this kite as an “I” version -  so Eth thought why not give it a try in their colours.. Let’s see what he came up with..

Monday, July 29

A very popular subject - this object: Object 279 Preview from Amusinghobby in 1/35th scale

Amusing Hobby are well known for making out of the ordinary subjects – now this one would seem to be right in that category – the secret Soviet cold war heavy tank, the Object 279….Apart from the fact that all of a sudden there are two other kits of the same vehicle just announced!

Sunday, July 28

Lightning II in a three tone camo? Kittyhawk's getting some much needed colour into their F-35 A - Pt I of II

Well I have seen a lot of "Grey" F-35A Lightning II Kits in 48th scale since Kittyhawk released their excellent little twin-tailed single engined fighter - but never a camo'ed version! Well with technology and some excellent modelling by Ethelian we can now realize a more colourful "almost-what-if" scheme for this aircraft in this large two part build and review - if you are sick of the same old grey Lightning II then this is for you...

Saturday, July 27

Black Widows and Phantoms - these new releases from Super Scale all seem a bit scary don’t they?

The F-4 Phantom – incredibly popular  - especially in 48th scale – and the new 32nd scale P-61 black widow could do with some more markings – enter Super Scale International – who have a bunch of new decals for us to snazz up our fave kits - we have some pictures of the inspirations for these machines as well..

Thursday, July 25

Icm give us new weapons - to put the fire out...

ICM has finally released two of the kits we have been most interested in for a while now – the L1500 WWII German fire truck and the Austro-Hungarian weapon set that many people have been wishing for for a while – we thought we would show you the sprues in today’s preview…

Tuesday, July 23

A new Twist on Fagin? We review Miniaturas Fortes “Fagin” Resin Figure in 1/24 scale (75mm)

Miniaturas Fortes have now made a string of releases and no they are not sticking to just the regular “Germans pointing” lines like many others have – there is a lot in their figures to look at apart from a healthy choice of subjects however – and today we review their “Fagin” figure that matches their earlier “Bill Sikes” statue from the movie “Oliver Twist”. Let’s have a look at it..

Monday, July 22

Review: True Details 1/32 scale US WWII Era Aircrew An-6510 Parachutes

We really are strapped for details in the larger aircraft scales. If you want to decorate your diorama and make it look lived in there is precious little in 1/32nd scale – and don’t even get me started about 1/24.
True details
is helping us out by making the AN-6510 WWII US parachute to leave on the wings of our parked aircraft – we show you our silk in this review.

Sunday, July 21

Fisher gives us the new parts we need for a new ( and much better) "Warning Star" in 72nd…

Fisher Model & Pattern – a name known for supplying the very best in resin kits and corrections bring us a long awaited suite of resin conversion parts to make your old Heller/Airfix EC-121 “Warning Star” into a show stopper – read on in our preview to see what they have produced..

Saturday, July 20

URRAAHHHH! - Evolution Miniatures show us the advantages of rank with their latest releases.

Well rank apparently “hath its privileges” – and Evolution Miniatures has five new figures on the way which show us exactly the difference between being at the forefront of the attack and in the rear ordering people to attack…

Friday, July 19

Zoukei Mura’s two new kits – after two years the Raiden in 32nd and the finely reproduced Shinden in 48th

Well Japanese aircraft lovers - get your pennies/yen saved by July the 20
th this month – two of Zoukei Mura’s new and very good looking kits, both the 1/32 scale “Jack”(Raiden) and the 48th scale Shinden  are getting their full “inside out” treatment and we have some pictures of them in our preview –

Thursday, July 18

MiniArt's 16030 1/16th scale Ernst Udet - Exactly HOW short is 5 foot three inches in 16th scale??

MiniArt has released an interesting figure of the WWI flying ace in 1/16th scale Ernst Udet – large in scale we think he could be a good companion for your new Hasegawa 1/16th scale  Triplane which is due to land soon – So we thought we would put him together to show you if he is an ace or a just a lame duck…

Wednesday, July 17

Kagero with five of the best (and a reprint) in their July scheduling masterclass of tittles..

The guys behind the scheduling at Kagero are pretty cluey aren’t they? I mean – scheduling a book on the Corsair just on the release of Tamiya’s master kit in 32nd,  A book about the battleship Kongo reprinted after the last one sold out – and well – any books about Luftwaffe aircraft are well timed it seems! Let’s have a look at what is on the way in our preview…

Jeff Shiu’s Miniatures’ new MG34 gunner hits the spot

Jeff Shiu’s
figures usually are on the modeller’s zeitgeist – Germans – elite soldiers with big*SS weapons or grenades – well this month is no different – lets have a preview of his latest - “WWII German MG34 Machine Gunner 1941”

Tuesday, July 16

Diego Fortes creates his own “Little Ceasar”

Diego from Miniaturas Fortes has finished his latest 1/24th scale limited edition figure – This time he is following on from Germans and Oliver twist character Fagin  onto his new muse - Edward G. Robinson - Caesar Enrico "Rico" Bandello – from the Hollywood movie  "Little Caesar"

The new Saab J 29A/B Tunnan from Tarangus is here…

Great news on the first kit in 1/72 from Tarangus – not only the choice of a Saab J 29A/B Tunnan but the fact that the kit is now available from hobby shops..

Sunday, July 14

Bronco's latest kits in 35th scale - diverse and due to be popular...

We have a bunch of new announcement shots from Bronco from the Far East – Now we now sure that these kits include the figures featured in the title – so we are expecting both right now - Read on to see what’s on the way…

Saturday, July 13

Tommy's War looks to the Empire for their latest inspiration...

Tommy’s War has been a light to all the people interested in world war figures in a market that beforehand had pretty much ignored before their arrival. They make some very nice quality figures and their two latest releases are the subject of today’s preview…

We meet Eduard's Alamo - not the fort in Texas - The Brassin R-27ER / AA-10 Alamo-C 1/48 missile reviewed in detail...

Gary Whickham does some pretty good reviews for us here at TMN - today's little treat will let you know all you need to know about Eduard's new set of Brassin accessories - this review features the Eduard Brassin R-27ER / AA-10 Alamo-C 1/48 missile..

Friday, July 12

The Man soon to be known as “Meyer” gets the injection moulded treatment from MiniArt

The Luftwaffe commander did serve in WWI as a decorated ace and commander of the "Flying Circus" - and now Miniart have added him Ernst Udet in with their latest set of 1/16th figures - lets have a look at what's to come... 

Thursday, July 11

Hot off the Zoukei Mura Press – some amendments are in order..

If you are hard at work on your new Zoukei Mura He 219 then you may need this – some new  amendments to their instructions for the their new Uhu in 32nd scale...

MasterBox go all modern on us with one of probably THE funniest kit names ever

The gauntlet has been thrown down – see if you can work out which we think is the most “unique” kit name we have ever seen – other than that these two kits look promising…

Wednesday, July 10

Review: Nuts and Bolts Volume 30: Nebel-, Panzer- und Vielfachwerfer - Maultier Part 2

One of the truly cool weapons the Germans had (if weapons can be “cool” in today’s world) was the six-barrelled rocket Nebelwerfer family. These were feared by their enemies and a welcome sight to the German infantryman. Deployed  on a wheeled trailer, or in an armoured car they are great modelling subjects….And I suppose an interesting subject for a book as well ? Let’s take a look at what the guys at “Nuts and Bolts” make out of it in our review…

Tuesday, July 9

Panzer Aces - Now there are 42 of them!!!

“Panzer Aces” – one of the best modelling mags in the world has just released Issue 42 and we have the Vital statistics in our preview for ye…

Monday, July 8

We review the 3D Monographs 50 from Kagero - The He-219 Uhu Pt II

Kagero have acted with haste and replaced their old Monograph book on the He-219 “Uhu” with two new sparkly editions - part one we have already looked at and liked very much (It is already out of print) – is there enough of this popular aircraft to stretch into two books? Let’s see in today’s review…

Sunday, July 7

Review: MasterBox 3202: 1/32nd Scale “Pilots of Luftwaffe – WWII Era!”

MasterBox have come thru on a long held promise to 1/32 scale aircraft aficionados. After their first 1/32nd scale kit of WWII aces they have long dallied on delivering a follow-up set in the same scale of more pilots. Hallelujahs all round as we get these - “Pilots of Luftwaffe – WWII Era!”

Friday, July 5

Review: Eduard MiG-21F-13 S. A. 1/48 set

Gary Wickham has been churning thru the Brassin Add-ons for the Mig-21 in 48th scale from Eduard – he is a pretty good judge I suppose as he made the excellent special edition Bunny Fighter, also he has reviewed the landing gear and wheel sets to go along with this kit, and today we look at some internal details of the "F" model in a detailed and interesting review…

Wednesday, July 3

We pass thru the Ardenne region again - but this time the house is IN order...

The Ardennes region cops a shellacking from those expert diorama makers MiniArt as they give us a second building in 35th scale – we have some great pics of the sprues and built up..Building – in our preview.

Tuesday, July 2

Viva la MENG! - The French Renault FT-17 in 35th scale

MENG has given us another lovely release in 35th scale – this time the revolutionary-for-its-time French tank the FT or FT-17. This was a great innovation because of the 360 degree rotating turret with ammunition inside and the layout of the crew in front and the engine in the rear – something that has been followed by tank designers right through this century – now this little masterpiece is with us in plastic - let’s have a look at the model features in our preview…

Luftwaffe Im Focus turns 21….

"Luftwaffe im Focus" is the German Luftwaffe magazine, released quarterly every year and put together by a team of 20 famed Luftwaffe experts. Packed full of unpublished photos from private collections in large scale and printed in high quality heavy glossy paper. The good news is that LF has now turned 21! We have the info on the latest edition for you…

Monday, July 1

Review: Eduard's new Brassin Mig-21 Wheels in 48th scale

Most model companies are at a juxtaposition with their kits – an affordable model that sells well or a super detailed kit that sells a lot less but is technically brilliant? Well Eduard It seems has their eggs in both baskets – releasing both a good kit at an affordable price and their new special “Brassin” range of first class resin additions to theirs and other companies kits. After first looking at this aircraft's landing gear today Gary Wickham reviews the latest Brassin wheels for Eduard’s Mig-21 kit in 48th scale...