Tuesday, December 31

Abrams Squad goes Fourth in today's Magazine review..

We were lucky enough to get to review the third edition of the Abrams Squad Magazine last month – for a brand new mag we found it pretty good but needed a few snips here and there – would we see improvement in number 4? We go all things modem military and have a look in our review..

Monday, December 30

We try out the Decals of the new Red Series from Kagero - Mustangs over Europe Part I

The P-51D “Mustang’s Over Europe Pt.I is Kagero’s latest in their “Red Series” of decal sets – these are basically pretty posh decal sheets with a colour brochure and decals printed by Cartograf – we have reviewed the previous P-51D Pacific Mustangs and the He-111 decals in this series – they were pretty good – will these ones match up? Let’s see the book and apply the decals to see.

Sunday, December 29

Review: Oliver Publishing Group has some revelations in their new book on Case Yellow..

Oliver Publishing Group in combination with  ADH Publishing has sent their latest book on the early attack by Hitler’s Panzers in the west into France – “Case Yellow: German Armour In The Invasion Of France, 1940” …pretty much sums up what the book is about – but there is so much more than text here – let’s have a look at what’s inside…

Saturday, December 28

Finished: KittyHawk's 1/48th MiG-25 Foxbat build "On the Bench" by Gary Wickham. Parts I & II

If possible on The Modelling News we like to build kits to actually show you how the model goes together. We think it’s the best type of review we could do for you. With this in mind Gary Wickham has taken on the new Kittyhawk MiG-25 in 48th scale – not with calipers and plans but with cutters and glue in his hands – Now Gary has finished this build and so you don't have to go ferreting around to find the parts of the build we put them together into one article  - with the Gallery on a separate page..

Friday, December 27

Preview – the Universal Carrier Mk.II from Riich Model

The Vickers Armstrong Universal carrier or as I would know it “Bren Gun Carrier” was used by all the allied factions in WWII in one variant or another – in fact it became the most produced armoured fighting vehicle in history! About time we had another kitting of it then!  - Well Riich Model has stepped up to the plate with their second offering of this iconic little British tankette.

David Doyle’s December duo decidedly divert diligent desk-bound diorama devotees...dis-month

I mean that’s the best headline alliteration I could come up with in a short time – and it is far from the point really that Mr Doyle has penned and provided the pictures for tow of Squadron’s late 2013 titles on two very popular subjects from Squadron/Signal, Productions..

Thursday, December 26

Meng's 1/32nd scale Me-163 Komet built up part I - the cockpit

Our man Nic comes blasting out of the box with his build of the new MENG Me-163 Komet rocket interceptor. He wants to add some detail but keep the kit fairly stock so you can see what the kit is really like - is it time to upgrade from your old Hasegawa kit? Part one of this build may help you decide...

Wednesday, December 25

....As a present Gary gifts us a early gallery of his completed 1/48th scale Mig- 25 from Kittyhawk - Happy Christmas Comrades!

Gary Wickham has finished his excellent rendition of the red star’s most fearsome ever interceptor – the 1/48th scale MiG–25 “Foxbat” from Kittyhawk models. We thought as an early present we would show you how it looked before we give you the final part of the build…

New Cad drawings of the 32nd scale "Gunship" B-25 from HK Models

New Cad pictures of the development work on the “Gun Nosed” B-25H variant that is to be released late January 2014 has been released – Scant info for now but there would have been a bit of new tooling that has held up release, but the wait is almost over..

Tuesday, December 24

"Drivers Lives" - and other tales from the eastern front from MiniArt

“Get out of the way comrade!!” –“no! I'm baptising this radiator!” – “Well I'm pumped!” – “And I'm turning mad”, and I'm just bludging holding some tools in a pose – plus many other stories from a roadside in WWII by some Red Army Drivers from MiniArt

Sunday, December 22

Review: Peko Publishing Sturmgeschütz III on the battlefield (Pt.2)- World War Two Photobook Series - Vol.IV

PEKO Publishing is a new but already very popular publishing house with modellers – we had the good fortune to be able to have a look at all of their titles so far and they have set a high standard for themselves to follow – this – the second in their series on the Sturmgeschütz (StuG) III looks on the surface like it’s brothers in the series - let’s have a look and see shall we…

Saturday, December 21

We examine the Nuts & Bolts of the Marder II in this new title

The Nuts & Bolts series has sent their latest book to read – it is concerned with the Panzer II based heavy gunned Marder II tank hunter. Packed with period pictures, drawings, and even models of this T/D we are impressed by the prose of the book – but would it be a good read as well as just stats? Let’s have a look at it and see.

Friday, December 20

Miniart's 1/35 AEC Armoured Car Mk.I build by Clayton Ockerby…

MiniArt’s new kits of the AEC Armoured cars really do raise the bar with what we have come to expect in a softskin model. Not only in the standards of manufacturer and fine detail but it has raised the expectations people have from MiniArt themselves. The kit is quite a challenge due to it’s complexity …with this in mind Clayton Ockerby has taken up the challenge to build and paint his own version of this famous little armoured car

Thursday, December 19

Jeff Shiu's third installment in his Stalingrad Trilogy comes screaming into focus

Jeff Shiu has kept us very enticed with his excellent never ending spring of  WWI and WWII figures – normally German and normally an elite unit ( well do they do sell) Jeff today has sent news of his latest figure in 120mm from the trapped 6th army at Stalingrad…

Wednesday, December 18

Eduard's 1/48th scale Spitfire Mk. IXc - late version “MJ250” built up with Brassin Accessories.

Eduard’s spitfire in 48th scale has quite a few fans out there amongst modellers – and rightly so, but with the Brassin accessories that Eduard make can it be even better? Today Jono Willis builds the Eduard kit with all of the Brassin extras he can throw at it in an unusual but eye-catching scheme…

Tuesday, December 17

Swedish Thunderbolt is just about to strike!

Tarangus from Sweden surprised no one when they released news on their 48th scale Viggen that is in the works – simply because of the importance of this Swedish fighter to a company that makes primarily Swedish aircraft – now that the date is imminent of the kit’s arrival we have a press release and shots of the kit in test to add to the rolling preview..

Evolution Miniatures new figures are a complete whitewash!

They don’t just get white by themselves do they? During the winter in the years of WWII the soldiers on the frontline often whitewashed their vehicles to help conceal them from the enemy – well Evolution Miniatures has made a new set of three soldiers in 35th scale that represent just this, let’s have a look at them in our preview…

The cruel lady – MENG’s new Achzarit in a built up preview

..based on the Soviet-built T-54/T-55 tanks captured from Arab armies during the Arab-Israeli wars. The IDF’s Achzarit APC is their latest kit in the works. Researched in conjunction with the people from Desert Eagle this looks like it will be an accurate and well-designed kit.

Monday, December 16

Kagero’s “Units” series 6- JG 26 Jagdeschwader "Schlagater" & decal review..

The unit that bore the honour title “Schlageter” – JG 26 - had some very famous names amongst it’s roll call of pilots– Adolf Galland, Josef Priller and Johannes Steinhoff amongst them – but how about adding some history, decals and 41 period pictures in the space of  28 pages in one book? Let’s see if the mix works or not…

Sunday, December 15

Pegaso’s new December figures - two dandy's and a brawler to tempt you..

This December we are further tempted to buy ourselves a cheeky Christmas present to yourself by Pegaso as they have three excellent new sculpts on offer!

Saturday, December 14

Mr Black’s ninth sees the light of day

Just released is Stelios Demiras’ latest in the Scale Model Handbook – this- his ninth in the series features some very skilled painters and sculptors at work and looks as much of a guide as an inspiration. We have some preview details and images inside…

Welcome to the Kasbah!

In what looks like one of MiniArt’s most complete and detailed diorama setting yet they take us to the Middle east with this set. I wonder who is through the keyhole….

Friday, December 13

Preview: Meng’s new 1/35th scale French Super Heavy Tank Char 2c built up

MENG has sent pictures of their latest heavy land battle ship on tracks - the massive French Char 2c. IT has been finished by MENG’s modellers and we thought it only proper to show you what’s coming your way (Geez it’s big!)

Thursday, December 12

Life Miniatures 1/10th scale bust - "MG42 Tripod Carrier, Totenkopf Division, Kharkov 1943" in review and construction

We have the latest and most complicated work from Life Miniatures bust range in 1/10th scale  - Sang Eon Lee has tried to capture 1/10th scale bust - "MG42 Tripod Carrier, Totenkopf Division, Kharkov 1943" in review and construction. Let’s see if he was shooting straight.

Wednesday, December 11

Valiant Wings Publishing’s Airframe & Miniature No.6: The North American P-51 Early Mustang - In review

The sixth title in the Airframe Album series from Valiant Wings publishing features the very popular P-51 Mustang as it’s muse. Bu this isn’t any mustang – in fact it’s the lesser known mustangs that take centre stage of this new book. The earlier A thru C models and the even earlier A-36 get the Comprehensive treatment. Let’s see how it matches up…

Monday, December 9

To the Last Bullet: Germany's War on 3 Fronts Part II Italy in Review:

Oliver Publishing Group has released some great books – is this new title – “To the last Bullet” Germany's war on three fronts Part II - Italy" amongst their best? Well we read it today and thought it only nice to share our thoughts in today’s review

Sunday, December 8

Alpine Miniatures 35165 Kurt Meyer & Officer Set review

Alpine Miniatures has set a hard task for themselves in replicating one of the more famous SS men of WWII and his companion in their latest figures set – we look at them both and put them together to see if this sculpt is cut from the right cloth or an impostor to the cause…

Saturday, December 7

Hobbyboss’ Christmas crackers from the land, sea and air

Hobbyboss have released a set of new kits that they SAY are for December release but most of us will probably see in January – well it gives us something to look forward to after Xmas then…

Friday, December 6

"Nürnberg's Panzer Factory. A photographic History": in Review

You have to admire the large scale dioramas of the amazing “Panzerwerk” factories -  Intricate scenes of large tanks being built and repaired in massive factory complexes seem like another world. Well this did indeed happen in real life and when trying to recreate these scenes modellers just cannot get enough research material and inspiration. We now have the next best thing to actually being in these factories - especially the MAN factory in Nürnberg that the guys from Panzerwrecks have made the focus of their latest special book title. We have read it and can give you an extensive look at it in today's review.

Thursday, December 5

At first we thought MiniArt had gone into partnership with Trumpeter! Our fears were soon allayed….

The latest figure in 16th scale from MiniArt includes a horse! Well he is a cavalry figure and all…

New ammo for your models from Mig Jimenez to completely level the battlefield

The well-publicized split between AK Interactive and Mig Jimenez has resulted in a new company started by Mig. Called “Ammo” we have some images and preview info of their brand new ranges…

Wednesday, December 4

Silver Wings unleash the Demon...

Silver Wings’  new all resin kit in 1/32nd scale has just today hit the market – in our preview we have some shots and info about what you might be getting in the package if you order one…

Tuesday, December 3

Three of the latest from Bronco in preview

Bronco Models have sent news of three of their latest kits in the planning stage – an old van nearly finished and Two Mire/ ambush protected vehicles that will fill your modern warfare wants…

Revell has some cool kits in lots of genres for Xmas - now will someone send this to your loved ones (hint hint)

The good ship Revell of Germany ploughs into the Christmas season with some serious and some fun modelling project to tempt you this Christmas – of course to modellers they are all serious but for the people buying them for you they might just look like fun….Hopefully they can be both! Check them out in our preview of their December items…

Monday, December 2

Kittyhawk's Seasprite in 48th scale - set for Dec 20 release..

Time to put your old Revell kits away! Kittyhawk have plans to release the Kaman SH-2D &F Seasprite in 48th scale on the 20th of December so if you are lucky you might have a four bladed Xmas present. We have some new info on colour schemes from the boxart for you..

The defeat of 1815 and the anguish of Napoleon's Imperial Guard is the subject of CGS' latest release..

CGS Military Figures
have provided us with the new boxart of their latest bust – the famous French Imperial Guardsman in 1815 is the subject – he is sculpted by Carl Reid and painted just as skilfully by Painted by Man Jin Kim. We thought we would show you the new pictures…