Monday, September 30

Review: Valiant Wings – “Building the North American P-51D Mustang – A Detailed Guide to building the Zoukei-Mura 1/32nd kit”

Recently the modelling world was divided – Up until last year the best 1/32 scale Mustang had been solely in the realm of Tamiya – but  Zoukei-Mura have stepped up to the challenge with  maybe an even more detailed and complete kit with their P-51D offering. Since then there has been not much said or shown of this kit - but Valiant Wings now offer the complete guide book to making this plane just like a professional – and we look at this new book in our review today.

Sunday, September 29

D-Day Miniature Studio's October releases - A solid pair of figures based on a fragile freindship…

D-day Miniature Studio - a new company focusing on releasing resin figures from WWII has a few releases under their belt now – but we think that these two are their best to date – Today in our preview we look at the alliance between Hungary and Germany in late WWII

Saturday, September 28

Kittyhawk's 48th scale Foxbat test kit in amazing new pics

We have some great new pictures of the revised MiG-25 from KittyHawk models – and the good news is it is ready to ship!

MiniArt on the slide? - Not according to this - a new take and an improvement in quality from the Ukraine.

It seems MiniArt are on the improve - from their beginnings of kits that “needed some work” to their latest kit they have announced as an example. OK this kit features their fave subject – Soviet Infantry – but the features of this kit rival anything that Dragon and Tamiya are producing now-days – and in some ways bests them both. Let’s look at the set in our preview to see why..

Friday, September 27

Revell has just too many sub-types to list in their excellent September releases - here are the best of the bunch..

Revell of Germany has a bunch of new kits this month – we picked the best quality release of the bunch and thought we could show you them in today's September items from Revell preview.

Thursday, September 26

Review: Eduard's Brassin range 1/48th scale Spitfire 500lb bomb set

Eduard’s Brassin series reviews of the spitfire continue with another of Gary’s reviews of their latest improvements to their already pretty good Spitfire kit in 48th scale – today it is Brassin Spitfire 500lb Bomb Set

Wednesday, September 25

Mirror Models and LZ Models new items – some amazing detail on show that will impress you…we promise

Our good friend Libor is the creative and technical drive behind both LZ Models – with their mostly resin kit of rail and AFV’s and conversions and his latest spin-off “Mirror Models” which brings the same amazing quality to injection moulded kits – many of which we haven’t seen before. Check out their latest products on our news to see the quality of their latest products...

Review: Squadron/Signal’s SAAB 37 Viggen “Walk Around”

From any angle one of the coolest airplanes ever devised – by of all people those “conservative” Swedish hey!? Well the SAAB Viggen (or Thunderbolt) is the subject of a highly anticipated new model from Tarangus and I think that a lot of modellers out there will need some reference material (the regular Swedish mags I have are no good) – anyway let’s look at the new “Walkaround” book from Squadron/Signal Publications…

Tuesday, September 24

Big wheels keep on turnin' - Gary reviews Eduard's new Brassin Wheels for the HK B-17 in 32nd scale

Gary Wickham has been making the new B-17G for his site and on the way thru his excellent build he has not paused to correct too much with aftermarket – but he HAS paused however to pick up some improvements in a new set of main wheels from the Eduard BRASSIN range. He has given us his thoughts on them in today’s review…

Got your black paint ready? We review the Superscale decal sheets for the P-61 Black Widow in 32nd scale.

Superscale International has produced two new decal sheets for the P-61 lack Widow in 32nd scale – an aircraft that hasn’t been seen much on modelling tables even though it sold pretty well – maybe we need a finishing touch? Well, there might be something in these six schemes for us all…

Monday, September 23

We review Kagero's new P-47 book (&decals) focused on the MTO, Asia and Pacific in WWII

Kagero has sent their latest in the “SMI Library” of books – these focus on one aircraft in one or several theatres with the added incentive of some tasty quality decals included. The Theatres of war in WWII include the Mediterranean, Asian and Pacific and the aircraft is the venerable P-47 thunderbolt. Let’s take a look at it….

Sunday, September 22

ICM light our modelling fire as we build their L1500S firetruck..

Softskin choices are soon running out It seems in 35th scale military vehicles – so we are making our way into civilian and Para-military vehicles. Today’s review is one of the latter – a German Nazi-era Mercedes L1500S firetruck with LSA trailer from ICM Models

Saturday, September 21

Review: Eduard’s Brassin Spitfire Drop Tank in 1/48th scale

The latest review of the new Spitfire bits from Eduard of their “Brassin” range is again handled very well by Gary with historical pictures and reference for whoever likes a good read…

Where's our Vodka? These two new sets from Masterbox fly onto the shelves of your LHS

MasterBox has struck a rich chord with modellers –Their latest 32nd scale RAF pilot figures as well as these storming Soviet marines in adjustable poses will no doubt deepen a lot of people’s affection for this Ukrainian model producer.

Friday, September 20

Miniart had three new releases - tracked, four-legged, winged & topless kits that should interest some of you out there..

We have three bits of news from Ukrainian model makers MiniArt today – a new large scale “Red Baron”, another new incarnation of the GAZ-AAA truck (topless)  and some hazy but legible pictures of their latest tram on the sprues – three interesting bits for a few modellers out there..

Thursday, September 19

We review Life Miniatures new 1/9th scale bust – ladies and gentlemen be upstanding for Gen. Douglas MacArthur

Sang Eon Lee’s company Life Miniatures is one of those small but perfectly formed model making companies that turns out quality bust after bust – their latest in 1/9th scale bust is another large personality of the Second World War and later the Korean conflict – So in time for the 60th anniversary of the Korean war we have for review - General Douglas MacArthur…

Wednesday, September 18

We go all "Tour of Duty" and review Verlinden's new figure - the 1/16th scale "Jungle Recon Vietnam"

Verlinden has gone deep into unknown territory (metaphorically) in their latest release of large figure kits - A Southeast Asian long range recon soldier in 1/16th scale - let’s see if he is as badass as he looks when we build him up. I can hear "born on the Bayou"  or some other suitable Vietnam era tunes playing right now..

Tuesday, September 17

Let’s make tracks! - and review the 35th scale Object 279 from Panda Hobby…

Not content with the Giant Panzer 38t and the Tunguska Panda hobby keep clattering down the road with a new kit – the secret Soviet cold war super tank – the "Object 279" in 1/35th scale….

Monday, September 16

Stalingrad know how to get you moving - a 35th scale "KH series" WWII tram!

How many dioramas have you seen of somewhere in especially eastern/central Europe and the Russian front in WWII with a wrecked tram on the road? It has been an object that a lot of people have needed for a long time – sell Alex from Stalingrad serves you up THE most detailed resin 35th scale tram you could dream of – we have the preview for you…

Review: Eduard Brassin 1/48th scale Spitfire 90gal slipper tank

Gary Wickham can do a pretty solid review, and today‘s offering of one of the latest additions from Eduard of their “BRASSIN” range of resin accessories to super detail your new 48th scale Spit does not disappoint – he has lots of historical pics to back it up as well in his review today...

Sunday, September 15

Review MiG-29 “Fulcrum C” in 48th scale from Great Wall Hobbies

Our friends at Scale Plastic Aircraft Modeller have sent another review from Kevin - one of their good kit dissectors – Kev has had the chance to examine the Great Wall Hobby Mig-29 "Fulcrum C" boxing – thought it have been one of THE kits of the year – let’s see if the hype lives up to it in Kevin’s review…

Saturday, September 14

Erik Mombeeck's latest Luftwaffe Opus is here and we have some good preview info for you today..

Erik Mombeeck has just released his latest Luftwaffe pictorial book with many not before seen pictures and items of interest – One for Luftwaffe fans as well as aviation and history guys - This one is called Luftwaffe Gallery #4 – or Lu/Ga 4

Thursday, September 12

Armor Farm has produced a bumper crop of new dio accessories to help you finally finish your kit..

There are lots of places to buy your scenery and dio supplies from – usually they are either on the other side of the world or expensive as whale vomit (look it up it’s dear than gold) anyway we have seen a new place and its got cheap, good quality scenic and modelling supplies – Armor Farm is the name – and we have some of their products to show you…

Wednesday, September 11

We review Squadron/Signal’s PZ. KPFW.38(T) variations “In Action”

Captured and put to good use by the Germans and their allies in WWII – the Panzer 38t tanks and the chassis that bore them proved to be the equal of their homegrown brothers in service. Now Squadron has captured a bunch of the 38t variants in their latest “In Action" book on this hull and her incarnations. See what we think about it in our review..

Tuesday, September 10

Royal navy ships, German Junkers, Polish RAF Mustangs and Luftwaffe fighters are firmly in the sights of Kagero in September

This month Kagero publish a slew of new books (and decals in one case) for Mustang maniacs, Royal Navy re-livers, Schlageter sycophants, Ju88 junkies   - whatever your taste these look like appetising tittles…

Monday, September 9

Diego Fortes reports his latest figure is somewhere on the "Ostfront"

Miniaturas Fortes has finished their latest 1/24th scale limited edition figure – this time Diego is taking it to the Russians Circa 1943 – “Ostfront” is built and painted by Diego for your consideration in our preview today…

Review: Ampersand's MMiR 58 - these just keep getting better

Ampersand Publishing’s own magazine – the much loved Model Miniatures in review - almost did not materialize this month, a lot seemed to have stood in the way of the mag even coming out – but come out it has and we have the latest issue in our hands and thought that we should share what’s inside in our review..

Sunday, September 8

A Shinden shared.....

We have some in depth previews of the new Zoukei Mura 1/48th Shinden from our friends at the Scale Plastic Aircraft Modeller forum which we think you will all be interested in. On top of the shots we recently brought you ourselves we have some extra shots exclusive to the forum that we thought you would like to see of this scaled down superfighter from Nippon..

Preview: SCALE 75's new September Releases – I am green with envy of that little tin man this month.....

Scale 75 has three new products on sale this month – something for the military figure fans – something for people who need green paint for said military figures and something for people who just like a good figure in general…

Saturday, September 7

A brand new Business for Man-Jin Kim: His figures must be good.....

 Man-Jin Kim is known as one of the best figure painters in the business, his works with Alpine Miniatures and his own company ST Miniatures are examples of his skill. MJ has gone out completely on his own now – starting a company by himself called "MJ Miniatures" we like the name of the new “biz”– but not as much as we like his first figure!!

Friday, September 6

Mengs new little french number shows off under her bonnet.....

MENG has given us another lovely release in 35th scale – this time the revolutionary-for-its-time French tank the FT or FT-17. This was a great innovation because of the 360 degree rotating turret with ammunition inside and the layout of the crew in front and the engine in the rear – something that has been followed by tank designers right through this century – now this little masterpiece is with us in plastic - let’s have a look at the model features in the built up tank from Meng in our preview…

Thursday, September 5

Airframe & Miniature by Valiant Wings - The early Mustang is in focus this time..

The early Mustang gets it’s chance as Valiant Wings examines every part of its airframe- and in miniature as well..

Hk Models – get your credit cards (and the plans for the extension) out,,,

It looks like there is more on the horizon from model makers HK Models, after their success with the B-17 in 32nd scale the biggest worst kept secret is out – new Dornier Do 335 Pfeil ("Arrow"), and Mosquitoes of various marques in large scale to add to the Gloster Meteor MK 4 & the B-17F and E. and the Memphis Belle kits….

Wednesday, September 4

Review - Verlinden’s Kit #2773 – 1/35th scale German T34 Turret Bunker, figures and Accessories

We thought instead of just reviewing Verlinden’s new resin dio of a T-34 turret in use by the Germans being stormed by the soviets we would build it up to see if it is worth conquering at all or indeed if it is a good bit of booty …

Tuesday, September 3

Review: Alpine miniatures 1/35th scale 35159 Wünsche & NCO Set

Alpine Miniatures has released a set of two Germans from the time of the battle of the D-Day landings, the famous officer of the Hitler youth Max Wünsche and a fellow NCO soldier from his unit are captured in Taesung Harmms’  latest figure sculpt – we put them both together to see the quality, fit and overall appeal of this set.

Sunday, September 1

Add on Parts has gas - it's official - and a garage to store it in this September…

Add On Parts  has been really busy – playing with formats it seems and backing themselves to go large on their latest garage set piece – this time a massive 1/35th scale which dwarves the large tank you see here. They also have a bunch of other very worthy stuff we thought we would show you in our preview of September’s just released goodies…